Friday, October 9, 2009

The Changing Logos of Young Romance

Part of what makes romance comics so dynamic and fun to collect are the colorful logos that grace their covers. Throughout the run of any given series, the logos usually changed in design, color, and size -- giving each comic a distinct look. Young Romance was no exception, and its logo changed throughout its run at DC.*

Logo One
Issue #125 (August/September 1963) through
issue #130 (June/July 1964)

Logo Two
Issue #131 (August/September 1964) through
issue #153 (April/May 1968)

Though technically not a different logo, the iconic checkerboard
that appeared on so many DC titles during this time period,
made its way onto the romance books as well.
Issue #141 (April/May 1966) through issue #148 (June/July 1967)

Logo Three
Issue #154 (June/July 1968) through
issue #167 (August/September 1970)

Logo Four
Issue #168 (October/November 1970) through
issue #195 (September/October 1973)

Logo Five
Issue #196 (November/December 1973) through the last issue,
#208 (November/December 1975)

Within these five major logo designs, there were slight variations in size, coloring, and positioning. I myself prefer logo three as it seems the most iconic. I also like the way the letters seem to wrap around one another.

What do you think? Which Young Romance logo is your favorite?

*Young Romance, known as the first romance comic book, was originally created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby for Crestwood's Prize imprint. While at Prize, the series ran for 124 issues from September/October 1947 to June/July 1963. The logos of the series while published by Prize, more or less stayed the same throughout the run -- changing little in its first six years.


  1. I like three most as well. Cool blog Jacqueline.

  2. Three is indeed iconic, but the depth effect makes it a bit confusing. Probably worked like gangbusters on some covers, not so much on others.

    Speaking as a graphic designer, I'd say bachelorette number Five is the most efficiently wrought. ;)

    But none of the logos is a disaster. Heaven knows that's not something to be taken for granted!

  3. I like five as well, Richard! I can see what you mean about #3 getting lost, it does make the cover very busy. I am going to try to do this for a slew of romance titles, so when I do, you will have to share who is your ultimate winner!

  4. Hi Jacque,

    I agree with you on logo three as well. Perhaps a little busy, but it has more personality that the other logos. I would pick number two as runner up. The later logos are all a little too generic and dull.


  5. I can see why #2 is a runner up for you, Nick. The slant adds a nice angle to it, hehe. No pun intended. :)

  6. I would like #3 best if there were any attempt to make the Y and the G connect with "Romance". Overall I would say that none of the logos really conveys either "Young" or "Romance", but that's probably because they all look a little old-fashioned. And if I'm saying that... ;)

  7. Pat, perhaps if in #3 the "Romance" was in the same font as the "Young," it would look a tad more hip?! If I were a graphic designer I would mock it up!

  8. #5 seems to be the favorite amongst the artists, interestingly enough!

  9. A belated vote for #5. It brings the funk.