Thursday, October 15, 2009

Cold Fish!

I don't often post stories in their entirety, but I felt that this one had to be an exception. This five-page beauty comes from Young Love #100 (October 1972). The art is by Alex Niño. I had previously thought it was probably by Tony DeZuniga, but a few wise friends and commentators corrected me!

Read here -- the tale of a girl they called "Cold Fish!"

Gotta dig the bleeding flower on the exclamation point!

I was so excited to find this story. The plot isn't half bad and the art is just out of this world. The coloring is also superb, in my opinion. Another great example of the many gems to be found under the covers of romance comics!


  1. This is a gorgeous story! I'd say DeZuniga's an awfully good guess. I'm truly fond of his work on the Black Orchid strip, but nothing there is nearly as groovy as what you've got here!


  2. I want to weigh in on this too! While I think that Dezuniga could very well be the answer to who drew this story... I'm going out on a limb and put my money on Alex Nino as the hand in question!

    Stuart Sayger

  3. Wow. Haven't read the story yet, but that art is FRESH!

  4. That art isn't by DeZuniga, but rather by his compatriot Alex Niño. This is indeed some gorgeous work, free of the experimental obtuseness that would (imho) mar his later work, lovely as it looked.

    DeZuniga's been a figure of some controversy over the years. Here's an intriguing summary of both (well, two) sides of the situation:

  5. Mike Q: I just took a look at Adventure Comics #429, and you are right! DeZuniga's work on Black Orchid is awesome! I will have to get the other issues with her. He certainly knows how to draw pretty ladies!

    Mr. Sayger: You could be right about that, I just am not sure! Justin actually thinks it is Nino as well... and well, you both being artists yourselves...

    Anonymous: Isn't it lovely?!

  6. Hey Richard! Thank you for the informative link there. I am going to change the info in my post to Alex Niño, as I believe you and my other artist friends who have advised me so, are correct. I am still learning to identify the artwork of all these guys -- thank for your input, it is always very helpful! :)

  7. You got me on this story! I thought it was DeZuniga too, although some of the inking, like the last panel on page 2, makes me wonder if DeZuniga might have inked the story. I do agree with Richard that Nino's work here is less busy and cluttered. I like it.

    Nick Caputo

  8. I really thought it was DeZuniga too at first, and it was that very same panel that made me think so originally!!!