Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Poll Results Are In!

I hope you all enjoyed the interview with Irene Vartanoff! Her responses really got me thinking -- about romance, feminism, comics, etc. I hope it got your wheels churning as well!!!

As the title of this post suggests, the results of the last poll are in! The favorite decade amongst readers for romance comics was (by one vote) the 1960s! Next up with seven votes out of the total 21 was, the 1970s! The '50s didn't come in so far behind with five votes, but it seems the 1940s got left in the dust with only one vote! Better luck next time World War II era romance!

I have posted a new short poll, which will be up for two weeks. Help this lady blogger out by voicing your opinion as to which sorts of topics/features you would like to see more of here on Sequential Crush!

No worries -- it's multiple choice!!!


  1. I want all those things and voted accordingly!