Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rest in Peace, George Tuska (1916-2009)

I was offline most of the day today and so, I just heard about George Tuska's passing. He lived to be 93, attending conventions up until the end I hear.

Besides his freelance work for Marvel -- working on such titles as Iron Man, Luke Cage, and Planet of the Apes, Tuska penciled a hefty amount of romance comics for DC, penciling both interior and cover art. Though his work on romance comics may not be as stylized as some, Tuska's ladies were always beautiful and filled with a sense of motion, as exemplified by one of my favorite Tuska covers, Heart Throbs #128 (October/November 1970).

"Which Love is Mine?"
Girls' Love Stories # 146 (October 1969)

"Too Young For Love"
Young Romance #172 (June/July 1971)

Tuska's work on the romance books have stood the test of time, and his diverse contribution to comic books will no doubt have an impact on artists and fans for years to come.

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  1. His mysterious and foxy Madame Masque was, for me, the highlight of his run on IRON MAN. Farewell and thank you, sir.