Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fashion Files - The Space Age!

Ahoy, fellow 21st century space travelers! When blasting off into orbit (AKA the dating scene) it is important to look ones best.

If you are uncomfortable wearing ruffles, chains, midriffs or silk shorts ensembles however, then perhaps the future is not for you!

But if those styles do float your boat (or moon rover) then perhaps you should take a look at the Pucci-inspired fashions highlighted by Jay Scott Pike in Secret Hearts #143 (April 1970). They're outta sight!

Beware the lurking astronauts!


  1. Jacque: I see by the astronaut in the background of panel 2, who is clearly stalking the blond with the ruffles, that male fashion has lagged a bit with regard to fashion sense. All I can say is, thank God that the naked midriff is timeless! -- Mykal

  2. Hmmm...I can't help but notice that "space Age" fashion consists almost entirely of pairing a big. clear Superfriends-style bubble helmet with ordinary clothes. Apparently, avoiding massive decompression is not a high priority in haute-couture.

  3. Big Jay Scott Pike fan~ mainly of his 50's period romance comics, but also of his classy Cheesecake Pin-up Art. I was not aware of this later period comic book work~ thanx for sharing~!

  4. Jacque,

    I love the "chicks of tomorrow", especially the gal in the purple outfit. It can't get any groovier!

    Nick C.

  5. Mykal: I am surprised we can even see the astronaut through all those ruffles!

    Aaron: or needing to breath... Those bubbles look sealed pretty tightly!

    Lysexicuss: Ah yes! Pike actually did lots of these fashion spreads in the later romance books, along with full sequential stories. I like him quite a bit myself!

    Nick: I like the purple outfit as well. I think the sleeve length is nice. I do find it funny thought that she has a headband on, under the helmet!

  6. Looks more like Colletta than Pike, no?

  7. Inked by Colletta? Pike did almost all of these "Happenings!" featurettes, but then again this one isn't signed like the majority are...

  8. Actually, the layout looks like Don Heck, not Pike.

  9. Yeah, looking at the faces they are Heck-like. Perhaps Heck inked by Colletta?