Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Mis-Adventures of Penelope Potter

Happy belated Turkey Day everyone! Unfortunately, I was unable to find any Thanksgiving related romance stories from the '60s and '70s. Perhaps the publishers figured it would contradict all the dieting advice! :)

Anyhow, I am always on the lookout for recurring characters in the romance stories, and I have found another series of one-pagers -- "The Mis-Adventures of Penelope Potter." These two are from Young Love #80 (May/June 1970), but the Mis-Adventures of Miss Potter are also chronicled in a few issues of Secret Hearts.

"The Rival"

"Caught, At Last"

The premise of the stories are simple. Essentially Penelope jumps to conclusions over things, which are sometimes warranted and sometimes not. Either way, she ends up asking for Guy's forgiveness and admits that she feels like a fool. Notice the Cockney accents and the fact that Penelope prefers magenta and Guy, green plaid. I sure 'ope you enjoyed 'ese stories!


  1. I loved these stories! A girl that is staggeringly beautiful, is always wrong, and asks forgivenness on a daily basis! Plus, she has a sexy English accent into the bargain. Count me a fan. "You have to ask, Sweet?"

    The artwork is beautiful. I love the panel in the second story where Penelope is walking down the street. Really, really nice. Do we know who did it, luv? -- Mykal

  2. The alliterative name may be inspired by Penelope Pitstop, who was featured in the Hanna-Barbera Saturday Morning cartoons Wacky Races (1968) and The Perils of Penelope Pitstop (1969), although in those cartoons the character had a distinctive Southern accent.

    I do like the artwork.

  3. more kissing in two one-pagers than i've done in years~! (i still opt not to be re-incarnated as a gorgeous woman... too much work)

  4. Mykal: Not sure on the artist, but they may be inked by Colletta?

    Pat: You are a treasure trove of popular culture knowledge! Those very well could have been inspiration for the name.

    Lysdexicuss: :) The romance girls always make looking so beautiful effortless. All Penelope had to do was take a shower to look that good!

  5. You sure these weren't from "Young Luv" ? Maybe "'Eart Throbs" or "Birds' Romance" ??

  6. "Art Frobz" please, and one doesn't fully pronounce the t in Art! The area in the stories looks a little more upmarket than the East End did back in the 1970s, so I'm assuming Penelope and Guy are from families who had made sufficient economic advancement to move out to the suburbs, say in Essex, during the 1960s, to escape urban decay and ghettoization.

  7. Aaron: Now these are ones to read out loud with Spectergirl!!!

    KB: Yes, it sure doesn't look they are too bad off, either one of them. :)