Friday, November 6, 2009

Sequential Elizabeth Story

While perusing for something else this evening I came across this short sequential story, "Kiss Me Only in My Dreams!" from Girls' Love Stories #149 (February 1970) by the talented Elizabeth Berube. Last week when I made my initial post on Elizabeth, I was only aware of one sequential story -- so this one makes two! Pretty exquisite, huh?!

Though I love the line work and the decorative quality about the story, the coloring is what really makes it stand out for me. Those almost fluorescent colors against the black really pop out. Since Elizabeth colored many DC stories later on, it makes me wonder if she colored her own romance stories?


  1. Jacque: I have to admit that I'm completely unfamiliar with romance comics, but this stuff is pretty cool. I love the dialogue: "kissin' you is like grabbin a bag of salt" and "don't push the panic button, baby." I really like the line-work as well - very unique and fluid. Also, I love all the interior thought by the love-struck girl with the huge blue eyes.

    As you say, the coloring is very neat. Man, is that the late 60s or what? Great post - keep them coming! -- Mykal

  2. Wow. Nice art. Reminds me of that one Steranko Marvel romance comic.

  3. Very trippy art. Reminds me of the Herbal Essesnce shampoo bottle when I was a kid.

  4. The artwork is nice, although looking a bit crude. Still, it has a personality, and I agree with you that the coloring is sensational. I suspect this story was colored by Elizabeth as well.

    Nick C.

  5. Mykal: I agree, the language used is out of sight! I think I am getting an idea for a groovy post... perhaps something on the dialogue used?

    DerikB: Yes! I think it is the coloring that makes it very reminiscent of the Steranko story.

    Aaron Bias: Ohh, I looked the old bottle up. There definitely are some similarities! There are probably some vintage bottles out there somewhere on Ebay!

    Nick: It is a tad crude, but still lovely. I wonder what Elizabeth's background was and how much training she had had at that point in her career?

  6. Tend to think LB did do the colors. My enfeebled recollection is she used a lot of hot pink/purple in her work. To me, that was her signature.

  7. it's my understanding that she joined DC as a colorist in 1968. Have you considered interviewing her?

  8. Steven,

    I would love to interview her if I were able to get a hold of her contact information. I have tried Googling her, but haven't found much of anything. It would be a wonderful interview I bet!

  9. that's her name! I've been wondering who she was for ages!

  10. what's the other sequential Berube illiustrated story? what comic was it in? (name and issue # would be appreciated)

    1. Hi there -- that story is "The Stranger Next Door!" from Girls' Love Stories #148 (January 1970). I had mentioned it in the comments of another post -- sorry to make you dig!