Saturday, January 23, 2010

Home is Where the ♥ is

Ever wonder where your favorite DC romance comic book characters live? Wonder no more! Sequential Crush presents for your viewing pleasure, a tour of their homes!

From "The Most Wonderful Boy in the World"
Young Romance #150 (October/November 1967)

Little does Joan know, her new apartment in
Greenwich Village doesn't have a closet!

From "The Love That Was Mine"
Young Romance #151 (December/January 1967)

Nice coffee table!

From "Don't Pity Me -- Love Me!"
Falling in Love #108 (July 1969)

This groovy pad is wheelchair accessible!

From "Please, Please, Don't Tell Him About Me!"
Falling in Love #113 (February 1970)

Are you sure you don't want to kick Clarisse because
she forgot to water the houseplants while you were out of town?

From "Bachelor Girl!"
Falling in Love #117 (August 1970)

Sweet freedom!
(Don't let Clarisse near that plant, by the way!)

From "Hide My Past, My Heart"
Falling in Love #120 (January 1971)

"It is lovely honey, but I think the place could use
a tad more green!"

From "Heavy Date!
Girls' Love Stories #165 (January 1972)

Creepy clown painting alert!

From "Last Fling!"
Falling in Love #135 (August 1972)

Eviction stinks!
Be sure to pack that awesome chair!

Well friends, I hope you enjoyed this rendezvous through our favorite gals' humble abodes! Have a most wonderful remainder of the weekend!


  1. Jacque: Holy Hell! That clown painting is right over the bed! How could a fella ever . . . that is to say, who could ever - well, (ahem), I can only speak for myself, of course, but I would ever after have nightmares that would leave me a husk of my former self. -- Mykal

  2. Jacque: Re- the clown art- *shudder*- I'm with Mykal on this one. As to the oh-so-green apartment in "Hide My Past, My Heart", forget the green, what's up with that creepy-ass witch-doctor mask on the wall? It looks like that salt vampire on Star Trek!

  3. Yes, it's a nice coffee table, but why does she have a scale model of the Telstar satellite on it??

  4. How did you know I've been watching lots of HGTV lately ? When I moved from my last Apartment, I let all my Neighbors come and take whatever they wanted during my final week. One of the items was a coffee table just like the one beside the Girl who fainted. Also... you see... my Ma took painting classes when I was in her belly... and, my favorite piece is a portrait of Emmett Kelly ! It (gasp) hangs above the bed I sleep in when I visit my Folks... I used to call him Hot Dog Willie... (TMI ?)...

  5. Mykal: Yeah, clowns and beds just don't mix! I think the placement of the clown's nose is sort of humorous -- right in the armpit!

    Aaron: The mask does look like the salt vampire! It makes you wonder how any of these ladies got their "beauty rest" while living in these spaces!

    Tom: You didn't have a model of the Telstar 3? They were all the rage! I actually have a to-scale replica of the International Space Station sitting on my kitchen counter. It's a great conversation piece!

    Lysexicuss: I actually catch up on my design/interior decorating blogs on Saturdays, I believe that is where the inspiration came from. Hot Dog Willie, huh? That explains things! :)

  6. Jacque: the assorted vibrations emanating from the incongruent assemblage of patterns and colors in the wheelchair accessible groovy pad would do my head in I think. Just contemplating what it would be like to live in such a domicile is giving me flashbacks of 1960s wallpaper designs - aaargh!

  7. KB: It is an explosion of color and pattern, but I think the neutralish floor and walls help to offset the craziness. I love it!

  8. I've got a couple creepy clown paintings in my basement too, and they're actually props from the Brady Bunch too. Watch any episode and you'll see them hanging in the boys room. I aquired some kooky stuff living in LA for 10 years.

  9. I like the look of the wheelchair pad best; its got some cool colors for the couches and lamps. As for the clown painting: it would have to go..or I would at least have to turn it over while we were intimately engaged.

    Nick C.

  10. Ha! excellent comments - I am in agreement with most!

    The clown painting?
    I must admit, I didn't even see it(!) until you pointed it out! I was busy looking, something else!

    I wanna know whats with this romantic 'craze' of using the telephone while sprawled out onna floor? Eh, talking to Rob does that to me too!
    He can talk your ear off! ( i like the art in that one - heck, in all of them, i guess)

    Jacque, just letting you know I listed your blog as one of the webs best comics blogs in a post over at
    Apocolytes World Of Comics.
    Keep up the great stuff!

  11. Karswell: No way! Cool! I remember them well. I have been seeing a lot of clown paintings in the antique stores round these parts. Perhaps they are coming back?!

    Nick: I like the wheelchair one pretty well, but I think the green room is my favorite. We can only hope her kitchen is full of avocado-colored appliances!

    Apocolyte: Gee whiz, thanks Apocolyte!!! I can't wait to check out the new blog! I really have to hand it to you guys who have more than one blog... now that is dedication!!! Something I could only hope to aspire to someday!

    My boyfriend didn't notice the clown painting either at first! You guys must have both been looking at, er, the lamp? Hehe.