Saturday, April 24, 2010

Fashion Files - Always a Bridesmaid!

One of my very best friends in the whole world is getting married in November and has asked me to be her Maid of Honor! The plans are underway, and the bridesmaid dresses must be picked out! Now, some may go to their local bridal store or to David's Bridal for that special bridesmaid dress, but I have gone straight to the romance comics for inspiration!

Perhaps pink?

This dress style from the cover of
Heart Throbs
#142 (June 1972) sure accentuates the bust-line!

The story, "Doctor, Tell Me Why!" demonstrates that floppy hats were a very fashionable addition to any bridesmaid's ensemble
in the 1970s -- so why not today?
Heart Throbs #142 (June 1972)

Sorry to break it to you, "Dearly Beloved" --
but that's because she was the same as all the others!
Girls' Love Stories #171 (July 1972)

The bow detail is really nice on this one from "Never a Bride to Be"
Falling in Love #117 (August 1970)

Though this is a lovely number by Kurt Schaffenberger in
"The Wrong Bride," it seems to have made the bridesmaid rather grumpy. I think I'll skip out on this one!
Young Love #101 (November 1972)

Hmmm, well pink is nice, but I just don't know if it is me --
What about orange?

Not bad!
"One Love Too Many"
Falling in Love #107 (May 1969)

This dress from "The Lie" is pretty, but a tad matronly.
Young Romance
#172 (June/July 1971)

Naw, not orange either. How about green?

A bridesmaid with my name, wearing green? It must be a sign!
"Please, Please, Someone, Love Me!"
Young Romance #166 (June/July 1970)

Green it is, my friends.
Luckily, I think that is what the bride had in mind!


  1. No love for this post? I must say that the first thing I thought of was the Julianna Hatfield lyric "torture the bridesmaids/make them wear lime green." Then of course you wound up selecting a green dress, but it was actually very tasteful (and in keeping with era's romance comic green dress obsession.)


  2. Jacque: I think my favorite is the not-too-gaudy pink dress with the high neck and the bow at the waist from Falling in Love 117. The flowers (roses?) in her hair are a nice finish, and her red hair helps to coordinate the whole ensemble. Green goes well with red hair as well, and the dress Jackie (I'm not too sure she's a red-head, maybe strawberry blonde?) is wearing in Young Romance 166 looks nice - I like the neck line on that one too, plus the cute way it's gathered at the waist. I just can't relate to most modern fashions - what happened to those lovely clothes women wore in the 50s and early to mid-60s? They survived as bridesmaid dresses perhaps! Those two I picked out seem to look back to the years that had just recently passed.

  3. as always, Jacque, lovely stuff. I've nominated you for an award, chum. go here. . .

    or not.


  4. Marshall: I love green, so it was really fitting! I would happily wear lime any day!

    KB: Honestly, clothes today for the most part stink. If I were more talented on the sewing machine and had more time -- mark my words -- I would totally just buy vintage clothing patterns and dress like a romance character!!!

    Joe: Wow, thanks! I am honored. I am going to check it out now!!! Thanks so much!