Monday, July 19, 2010

Mad Mad Modes for Moderns Mondays - Frilly Frocks!

Fashion is cyclical, with certain elements constantly going in and out of style. This summer, ruffles are incredibly in as demonstrated in Vogue. Feminine ruffles were also hot in the winter 1969 issue of Heart Throbs. Give me the vintage ruffles any day!

Heart Throbs #117
(December/January 1969)


  1. The young lady at bottom right on the 2nd page looks almost like a tracing of Twiggy. Come to think of it, the one above her has pretty much the same face but not Twiggy's build.

  2. I am sure Twiggy weighed heavily on these artists' minds when they were drawing these featurettes!

  3. Twiggy "weighed heavily???" Bwahahahahahahhahahahahahahahhaa!

  4. Ha! Oh gee! Thats what I get for responding to comments right before I go to bed. Oops! Thanks for pointing the funniness in that out!