Saturday, August 14, 2010

Page Peterson's Advice on Little Sisters

Taking a date to see Scott Pilgrim vs. the World this weekend? Be sure to read Page Peterson's "Do's & Dont's of Dating" first -- you wouldn't want to make the same mistake as big sis here!

"Do's & Dont's of Dating"
Young Romance #177
December 1971


  1. The decade of the 70's with those far out fashion styles would make me think they took place on another planet if I hadn't lived through it.

  2. This is utterly beside the point, but I am getting a weird Robotech vibe from the little sister in pannel four.


  3. Meanwhile, I'm wondering if she Marsha actually lifted him out of his seat in panel three.

  4. Nashville Beatle: Lucky! I wish I had lived through the '70s. I would have worn every single one of those crazy fashions!

    Marshall: Hmmm, perhaps the chin?

    Pat: I think she is tossing him aside!