Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Because You Demanded It! Too Smart to Love!

All right, folks! Here it is! The moment you all have been waiting for -- the winner of last week's post, Too (fill in the blank) to Love!

Sequential Crush proudly presents, "Too Smart to Love!" from Falling in Love #137 (October 1972). Penciled by Ric Estrada and inked by Vince Colletta, this enticing story is complete with very cool art, and a pretty darn good story too!* Fine choice romance fans!**

Our tale of woe chronicles the trials of Glory, a bona fide smarty-pants. While academics are her strong suit, attracting potential mates is not. As demonstrated here and in many other romance comic book stories, a girl with this sort of problem is clearly marked with spectacles.

Glory's roommate, Janet, reminds her that success in attaining a guy can be achieved in large part by staying quiet while the guy talks -- even feigning interest if need be. Glory stays true to herself (at least for the time being) and sacrifices a potential shallow relationship in order to excel at her studies.

After four grueling years as a languages major, Glory graduates and heads off to New York City where she has been hired as a translator for the United Nations! Feeling that she has earned a little pampering for all her hard work (and a new image), Glory goes on a shopping spree, gets a new haircut and gets fitted for contact lenses. Though nervous about her new look at first, Glory steps out into the workforce with confidence. Before long, men start to notice Glory and dates with ambassadors and diplomats become a natural part of her new big city life. Determined to hold on to her budding popularity, Glory takes Janet's advice and keeps her end of the conversations to a minimum.

Janet's technique of playing dumb seems to work for the guys that Glory casually dates, but when Glory starts to date Dan -- things change. Dan is initially captivated by Glory, and the two grow closer and closer with every date.

Their blossoming bond is cut short, however, when Glory fails to show him her thoughts, opinions, and the sparkling wit she nabbed him with. One fateful night, over Chinese food, Dan breaks up with Glory -- citing her lack of intelligence as a major turn-off. At first Glory is taken aback and mortified by the ironic situation, but quickly realizes she must show Dan her true colors before losing him for good.

Glory knows she can't admit to Dan outright that she was playing dumb. Seizing the opportunity of being in the middle of dinner at a Chinese restaurant, Glory quickly begins maneuvering her chopsticks like a pro and instructs Dan on how to do the same. Next, she discusses ideas which she had been "afraid to present before," such as the communication gap between the United States and Russia and ways in which to solve it. Their stimulating conversation continues on the walk home, leaving Dan once again entranced by her. Realizing she has been "stupid about love," Glory does the smartest thing, and gives in to who she really is.

Isn't that a cute story?! Though unfortunate Glory thought she had to ditch her brain (and her glasses) to find love, it was probably comforting for readers know that even comic book characters could have moments of self-doubt. Luckily, our heroine didn't let her insecurities get the best of her and her declaration that true love stems from honesty makes "Too Smart to Love" a hit in my book!

*You know any story that starts with a character saying, "Why don't you date a computer?" has too be good!

**I want to thank everyone who weighed in on this very important decision! I will also be posting "Too Tall to Love" from Falling in Love #130 (March 1972) because it was a clear second favorite!


  1. I think for the purposes of this story, her brain = her glasses. We can tell that he wanted her for her mind because he also wears glasses. In the 70's there was probably a rule where, if you wore glasses, you had to marry another person who wore glasses.

  2. I want to see a follow up story, Jacque: "Too Little Common Sense for Love" ! Page Six of Too Smart is one of the most G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S pages you have ever posted. Thanx again for sharing~!

  3. 'Gentlemen never make passes at women with glasses' - how very untrue ..!

  4. The art is quite stylish. Estrada and Colletta seem to be in their element here. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Mark: I think you are correct in that statement. I am going to have to keep an eye out for guys wearing glasses in the romance books -- I usually just notice them on the ladies!

    Lysdexicuss: Isn't that page superb?! The panel with the guys playing chess is amazing!!!

    K: I know, right! I wear glasses and I doing fine in the romance department!

    Andrew: I think they made a really great team!

  6. I was introduced to your blog today and am super fascinated by these posts (even if I'm super late to the game)! I'm doing a post soon on my blog that references this comic, Too Tall to Love, and That Strange Girl. I hope it's alright if I post some of the artwork you have here there, I will give due credit.

  7. Hi Mia! So glad to have you! Please do share with your readers! Enjoy and I would love to hear your feedback!