Monday, October 18, 2010

Mad Mad Modes for Moderns Mondays - Sleepwear as Depicted by Mystery Artist!

So far, most of the "Mad Mad Modes for Moderns" fashion featurettes I have shown here on Sequential Crush were illustrated by either Tony Abruzzo or Jay Scott Pike. Today I bring you a lovely two-pager from a different artist, one that I am not familiar with. This "Mad Mad Modes for Moderns" spread from Girls Romances #143 (September 1969) has a fine layout, great lettering and well drawn figures, but the name of the artist alludes me.

There were other fashion featurettes in other romance comic titles, including the following "Romance in Fashion" from Girls' Love Stories #101 (February 1964). This page "presents the work of one artist, Cynthia Chazan, Montreal, Canada" and is obviously drawn by the same artist as pictured above. Now, here is where it gets tricky. Does this mean that the actual artist who illustrated this piece was a woman named Cynthia Chazan, or does this mean that the outfits were designed by her, à la "Patsy's Pin-up Page!"

Any thoughts, romance fans?!


  1. I think since they said "artist", they mean the drawings. Otherwise, I think they'd said "designer".

  2. I thought so too, Tom, but the thing that is a little confusing is that the page from Girls' Love Stories #101 (February 1964) appeared a year after another "Romance in Fashion" from Secret Hearts #85 (January 1963) which features the same artist. The Secret Hearts page however just lists the designers who sent in their ideas. Hmmmm... not sure!