Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Too (fill in the blank) to Love!

Recently, while flipping through dozens of romance comics from the '70s, I noticed a little pattern with a number of titles -- the use of the intensifier, "too." Below are eight splash pages from eight different stories. The following titles are not just descriptive of the plot line; they also insinuate some sort of value judgment placed upon the female character and allude to her potential status as damaged, undesirable, or different. Keep reading to see what I mean!

"Too Spoiled for Love"
Girls' Love Stories #154
(October 1970)

"Too Beautiful to be Loved"
Girls' Romances #147
(March 1970)

"Too Good to be Loved"
Girls' Romances #149
(June 1970)

"Too Old for Love!"
Falling in Love #122
(April 1971)

DC was confident the above character was indeed "too old." Charlton on the other hand, just wasn't so sure; therefore necessitating the question mark!

"Too Old to Love?"
Romantic Story #119
(June 1972)

"Too Smart to Love"
Falling in Love #137
(October 1972)

"Too Tall to Love"
Falling in Love #130
(March 1972)

"Too Clumsy to Love"
Girls' Love Stories #168
(April 1972)

Which title intrigues you the most? Let me know in the comments, and the story with the most votes by Sunday evening will get an entire post dedicated to it next week!!!

So which story with a declarative title will it be?
Leave a comment and let me know!

Too spoiled?
Too beautiful?
Too good?
Too old?
Too smart?
Too tall?
Too clumsy?


  1. Jacque: You must do "To Old To Love?" I have my reasons.

  2. Hmmm, I think I like "Too Smart to Love"!

  3. Wow. They ALL intrigue me enough to make me want to read the entire stories. I guess the two that pique my curiosity the most are "too smart" and "too tall." Sorry to be so indecisive (or is it just greedy?)! :-)

  4. I note that each splash page -- like the good little exposition devices that they are -- manages to sell its story concept (demonstrating visually that the heroine is indeed "too" something for said love). The one exception is "Too Old for Love!" That page really should be promoting a story titled, "Too Tired for Love!"

    But if I only get one review, it has to be "Too Smart for Love!" Dig that background! (And the ubiquitous shorthand for smart: glasses!)

  5. too cool that you picked up on this & turned it into a too-cool post~! great splash pages throughout~!

  6. Seems to mostly be a DC thing, no? I'll keep an eye out through Charlton titles to see if the pattern holds there.

    Nice pattern spotting, Jacque!

  7. "Hope I die before I get too old to love!"

  8. What happened to "Too Drunk to Love"????

  9. Too smart! Too smart!!

    Thanks again,

  10. Too smart to love, unless the story involves her finding love by pretending to be stupid, in which case, the hilarious "Too tall for love"

  11. And, of course, only the too-smart girl wears glasses!

    Nice feature. And the selection of splashes really showcases how nice some of the art was in Bronze Age romance comics. Truly an underappreciated genre!


  12. For some reason, when I read these titles, I'm reminded of the Bearstein Bears' Too-Tall Grizzly, and the hats in "Old Hat, New Hat"

    Too big, too small, too flat, too tall.
    Too loose, too tight, too heavy, too light.
    Too fancy, too frilly, too shiny, too silly.

    Certainly adds another layer of meaning to those children's books doesn't it? Also, regarding the Too Old ones, it's interesting that the question mark is only applied to the man in question.

    I'd have to add my recommendation for Too Smart to Love, since it'd be interesting to see just how badly they handled the threat of women being smarter than the men they intimidated. Besides, the girl nerd's hot.

  13. I would have gone with "too Tall for Love" because I want to know why the girl with the standard comics proportions is surrounded by Hobbits, but I think I'll have to go with "Ttoo Clumsy for Love" because I'm a sucker for a good sex-related injury story ;)

  14. Jacque: I am torn. First, I am very intrigued by "Too Spoiled For Love!" if only because she is wearing green tights and I am just dying to know exactly what " You got what you wanted out of me ... " might possibly mean. But in the end I will have to go with "Too Smart to Love!" if only to find out why are blonde hunk is such a tool.

  15. "Too Clumsy to Love" (hey, I can realate...)

    Nick C.

  16. Thanks for your votes, everyone! I can't wait to see what story wins! (I have a feeling though I may get the itch to post on the runner ups!)

  17. I'm really digging "Smart." I'd like to know what smartypants said to offend the man wearing the purple leopard(?) print scarf. :)

  18. Too tall! Or too clumsy is my second choice.

  19. I'm not sure why no one wants to love that tall woman. Maybe they're scared of the rape-whistle around her neck. Maybe she's too rape-whistle-happy to love.

  20. The results are in! "Too Smart to Love!" it is! Look for it this week! Since "Too Tall" also seemed to intrigue, I will post that too! Thanks everyone for your help!!! :)