Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Black History Month at Sequential Crush!

Friends! February is a very special month! Not only does it contain the lovely Valentine's Day holiday, it is also Black History Month! I have acquired a number of issues since last February with stories of African-American characters, and I can't wait to share them with you. This is especially exciting for me, because I am doing some long-term research on the portrayal of racial integration and diversity in romance comics and you, fair reader, will get a preview of that research! In anticipation for what I hope will be a stimulating month at Sequential Crush, below are a few links to posts from February of last year!

The saga of Margo and Chuck
Black + White = Heartbreak!
Parts one and two

The kiss-less romance,
Marvel's "I Failed at Love!"

Out of This World also did a great series
on African-American characters in comics
including the interracial romance,
"Full Hands, Empty Heart"

Looking forward to seeing you around this month!


  1. Alas, 'tis a great shame that Jack Kirby's black and white magazine SOUL LOVE never made it out of the starting gate. It was to have been another of his series that included SPIRIT WORLD and IN THE DAYS OF THE MOB. Most of the art has materialized in the Jack Kirby Collector over the years.

    It's not as powerful as his (also unpublished) TRUE DIVORCE, but still it was an attempt to do something different, by a creator (the co-creator, indeed, of the whole romance comics genre) who always strove to take comics in bold new directions.

  2. Allan: It is too bad... I would love to post a whole Soul Love story in color, but no such luck. Another reader commented on Soul Love and requested a post on it... I am going to have to make it happen!