Sunday, March 20, 2011

Celebrate Spring with the 2nd Annual Squirrels in Romance Comics Extravaganza!

If you live in a cold weather climate as I do, the first day of spring is a very exciting thing! Though it hasn't warmed up quite yet, the promise of flowers and sunshine is enough to lift anyone's spirit! Today, join me in celebrating the first day of spring with my favorite little critters that so often grace the pages of romance comics -- squirrels!

For more squirrely goodness in the romance comics,
be sure to check out last spring's squirrel celebration!

"Too Good at Love!"
Love Problems and
Advice Illustrated
(May 1952)

"My Mother -- My Rival!"
Young Romance #157
(December/January 1969)

"We'll Never Meet Again!"
Our Love Story #2
(December 1969)

"I Dream of Love"
Love Diary #67
(July 1970)

Girls' Love Stories #170
(June 1972)

"Never Forget Me"
Teen-Age Love #93
(June 1973)


Happy First Day of Spring!!!


  1. Fun post!
    Just a quick note to let you know that Trina, Roberta Gregory AND Liz Berube have confirmed for Minnesota Spring Con!
    Would you care to stop by?

  2. Speaking of Jonnie Love:

  3. This is such a bizarre phenomenon (the squirrels, not the convention)! Fascinating! What does it all mean?

  4. Diana: Thanks! It sounds like a super line up, and I have only heard wonderful things about that show. I wish I could, but MN is a bit too far and out of the budget for me right now!

    Tony: Nice post! Everyone should speak of Jonnie Love!

    KB: I feel like somewhere, at sometime, I read about squirrels being symbols of fertility, which would make tons of sense. But... maybe I am just imagining that because it would be too perfect?