Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Favorites - It's Not Easy Being Green

Ah, Friday! Today, in celebration of the beginning of the weekend, I have for you some of my favorite covers! But these aren't just any covers -- these are five lovely covers that encompass all shades of green!

Falling in Love #100
(July 1968)

Girls' Love Stories #153
(August 1970)

Heart Throbs #125
(April/May 1970)

Young Love #84
(January/February 1971)

Young Romance #169
(December 1970/January 1971)

Aren't they gorgeous?! I always find myself attracted to the monochromatic romance covers, so I just had to share!!! Be sure to come on by next week -- I have a really fun theme week planned. Trust me -- you won't want to miss it! Have a great weekend!


  1. You had me aboard until the HORROR of cover 2, the SADNESS of cover 3, and the AWKWARDNESS of cover 4 ! I will erase these from memory and focus on the 1st & last !

  2. Haha! I have always wondered about that cover with the veil. Very strange -- if I ever find one at a thrift store (did they really exist?) I am going to recreate that cover. :)

  3. Green and romance comics seem to go together well, don't they? Reminds of that post a few months ago with that Heck-drawn story about the computer dating service...

  4. Green is my favorite color, Edo -- so I guess that is why I like these covers so much. However, there are lots of great purple and pink toned ones as well that I will share in the future!

  5. I look forward to the Purple toned ones (my favorite color) but these green covers are cool as well. My favorite is Heart Throbs # 105, simple but effective. Amnd now my cover art guesses:

    Falling in Love # 100: Jay SCott Pike

    Girl's Love # 153: Dick Giordano

    Heart Throbs # 125: Art Saaf? and Vince Colletta

    Young Love # 184 and
    Young Romance # 169: Bill Draut

  6. Nick: Thanks again for your diligent ID work! I need to further familiarize myself with Draut's work... it seems like a lot of stories I am unsure about could have been done by him, but his work isn't super stylized so it is a little hard to tell. I agree on the rest, except the Heart Throbs cover... I don't think it was penciled by Saaf -- the girls aren't quite curvy enough!

  7. Jacque,

    I wasn't positive on the Saaf id, could it be John Rosenberger?

  8. Nick: I think you are getting warmer and it very well could be. Sometimes it is so hard to tell!!!