Monday, April 4, 2011

Mad Mad Modes for Moderns Mondays - The Scene is NOW! + New Poll

Here's to starting the week off right with a gorgeous edition of "Mad Mad Modes for Moderns" from Falling in Love #98 (April 1968) by Jay Scott Pike!

On another note, I would love to get some input from you fair reader! Please check out the sidebar for a new poll! I want to know -- which of the following artists would you like to see a story from at the end of the month?

♥ Tony Abruzzo ♥

♥ Ric Estrada ♥

♥ Creig Flessel ♥

♥ José Luis García-López ♥

♥ Frank Langford ♥

♥ John Romita ♥

You have until April 26th to vote!


  1. Be sure to vote in the sidebar poll if you haven't already! :)

  2. Man, I love these fashion spreads. And I'm excited for Romita time.

  3. Posted here, Jake!

  4. Steve Ditko co-created Spider-Man, but the artist who arguably made him a mainstream superhero was his successor, John Romita.

    Read More: The Artist's Spider-Man: John Romita's Muscular Melodrama |