Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Somber Cautionary Tale - Win Mortimer's Pajama Party!

This four page Win Mortimer illustrated story, "Pajama Party: The Night I Wish Never Happened" from Young Romance #200 (July/August 1974) is a tad unexpected. Stuck in between the usual stories of flirting and heart break, this somber tale chronicles a teenager and the disastrous results of her decision to serve alcohol to her friends one night. Though nothing completely tragic happens, its tone is still unusual to the romance comics. My favorite line?

"So we left my mother's wigs on the chair, and we ran downstairs feeling frisky, and I made the next big mistake that night, by showing them my father's whiskey."

One can only wonder how effective this was, but it definitely points to a younger demographic. Quite a different scene from a mid-1950s romance panel!

"I Hate You, Darling"
Love Romances #54
(December 1955)


  1. Definitely different but nicely done for a young audience in that period, too. Win Mortimer is one of those artists whose work has grown on me over time. Looking back now, I rarely see any of his work that doesn't strike me as well done.

  2. Man~ if I was still a drunkard Party Animal~ that would'a been my idear of a whopp'n good time !

    Did you already post the "I Hate You, Darling" story ? That also seems unorthodox for Romance !

  3. The poetry was awful but the morality was good. Thanks for finding this one.

  4. Booksteve: Glad to see others are diggin' Mortimer as much as I do!

    Lysdexicuss: Almost! I did post a story last month with that title, but it was a '70s Charlton piece. I have found quite a few stories with that title or similar!

    Darkmark: Yeah, probably not going down in history as a wonderful piece of poetry, but it's effective enough!

  5. "The next day in school, my head was still pounding,
    I wondered just what I had wrought,
    My friends all seemed mad, they said when I got drunk,
    I told them all just what I thought,
    So now I am shunned, my friends won't talk to me,
    I sat all alone in my classes,
    You can never foretell, just what may come out,
    drinking whiskey from dirty old glasses,
    They showed me some photos, of me wearing a lampshade,
    and doing something obscene with bananas,
    So take my advice, nothing good can come from,
    pajama parties where no one wears pajamas."