Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Original "Marc - On the Man's Side!" Page - Young Love #119 (December 1975/January 1976)

One of the books I found this weekend was Young Love #119 (December 1975/January 1976). This issue was definitely on my want list because a couple of years ago I acquired the original page of the "Marc - On the Man's Side!" column from this issue. Below is the scanned original page, as well as the printed version!

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  1. I had just listened to a radio program talking about romance comics and decided to goggle Mark on the man's side. That's my photo that DC comics used back in the early 70's. For the record, I had nothing to do with the writing-- just my mug. The sideburns weren't real either--they were added on by the art dept. I was a letterer at the time.

  2. Anonymous: Really!! I would love to hear more about this! Please shoot me an email if you have some time! jacquenodell at yahoo dot com