Monday, June 27, 2011

Fab! Tuff! Outasight! - Monkees Mania in Romance Comics!

Hello, romance comic fans! When I was a kid and dragged to comic book conventions, I quickly learned that having a niche thing to collect made the cons ten thousand times more fun. At 12 years old, I wasn't super into collecting comics (yet), but I had been recently captivated by the Monkees and oh goodness, was I obsessed! And so, the comic book conventions I attended with my family turned into all out Monkees memorabilia hunts. I still really dig the Monkees and I am of course a wee bit sad I won't be seeing any of their latest tour performances.

Anyhow, how does this relate to romance comics, you ask? Well, there are quite a few advertisements for Monkees merchandise in the romance comics. Quite fitting when you think about it!

In the DC advice column "To You... from Carol Andrews" from Falling in Love #95 (November 1967), Carol advises readers on a new teen mag from DC called Teen Beat. The inaugural issue featured a sensationalistic story on the Monkees!

The second issue of Teen Beat was reincarnated as Teen Beam. This house ad for Teen Beam advertising frameable Monkees pictures was printed in Young Love #66 (March/April 1968).

Charlton published a magazine called Teen Tunes and Pin-Ups and naturally, advertised it in their romance comics. This ad featuring Micky, Davy, Mike, Peter and compatriots appeared in Teen Confessions #48 (January 1968).

Space in some of DC romance comics were purchased by Charlton to advertise their "huge kissable - SINGABLE - posters" of the Monkees. This one appeared on the back cover of Girls' Romances #130 (January 1968).

The Beatles made a few appearances in the stories and covers of romance comics, but besides these advertisements, I don't think any story in romance comics mentioned the Monkees. *Sob!*


  1. This brings a lot of things to mind, Jacque. First, of course, the Monkees had their own comic which ran just under 20 issues. Nothing spectacular but a fun book, a bit pricey for me on today's market, but there you are.
    Then there was the British trend of doing romance versions of pop songs in magazines that were part comic/ part teen idol stuff. I have a few of these in titles like Boyfriend and (believe it or not) Diana Comics and Stories.
    DC had a rock group comedy comic called The Maniaks that was loosely modeled on the Monkees. They even had song lyrics written to the tempos of Monkees songs!
    There were also some later romance comics, notably early 70s Marvel books, that had a fair number of stories about rock musicians, concerts and the like.
    The Monkees are playing at the MN Zoo next week. Since I saw them in 1968, and Mike isn't with them this time, I'm going to pass.
    Mike's my favorite, then and now....

  2. I have quite a few issues of the Dell comics, the covers are my favorite part! They are playing near me tomorrow night... wish I could go, but it is a little expensive. I have seen Micky, Peter and Davy all perform separately. Like you, if Mike were going to be there, I might be going!

  3. I love it! The Monkees are actually going to perform at Festa Italiana this year. I think I'm going to go. :)

  4. I have those two Teen Beat/Teen Beam issues and all I can say is that they are stranger than a bear with feathers.

    I reviewed those issues here:

    The Monkees family album was simply artwork by the DC staff artists, featuring adult heads of Davy, Mickey and company on baby bodies.

    Most amusing bit was in an article about the Jefferson Airplane: "Unlike so many of the other groups, they do not raise their voices in protest...."

  5. Pat: Lucky! I don't think I have ever seen them at a convention. Someday!!! For now, I will have to live through your excellent posts! :)