Friday, July 15, 2011

Cindy the Salesgirl - Too Mod for Her Own Good!

The adventures of Cindy the Salesgirl are some of the few multi-page non-serial story arcs with a recurring character in the romance comics of the '60s and '70s. If you aren't familiar with her, Cindy is a cute shop girl who has to deal with crazy customers on a regular basis -- hilarity frequently ensues. Today's episode from Falling in Love #104 (January 1969) penciled by Win Mortimer, has Cindy helping a customer named Sue who insists on finding an outfit that isn't "too mod."

You see, the guy Sue digs is a total square! Sue wants Cindy's help in picking something out to wear to the dance that her date wont find offensive.

Sue thinks all of Cindy's clothes are too far out and decides to look elsewhere. But when Sue shows up at the dance on Saturday night, her outfit is far more nutty and off the wall than anyone could have anticipated! POW indeed!

Such a cute way to incorporate fashion
with a bit of storyline, don't ya think?

Now for a few things on a more personal note! As many of you probably already know, I have been anticipating a move overseas to Denmark for quite some time. My paperwork has finally gone through and I am leaving on August 21st! Whoooohoooo! I am super excited, but naturally a wee bit stressed out as well! Some of you have asked about the fate of Sequential Crush. No fear! Sequential Crush is here to stay!

I do have a lot of logistical things to sort out in a short time -- personally, as well as with figuring out how to physically move my massive romance comic book collection to another continent on a tight budget. So, I ask that you just bear with me! I am going to take all next week off to start packing and also, head to San Diego for the big comicon! I anticipate that my posts here on Sequential Crush will be less frequent until I am a bit more settled in my new home, but I will still try to post on a semi-regular basis! As always, you can find me on twitter!

Thanks for being the best readers
a girl could ever wish for!


See you soon!


  1. Jacque: Have a safe trip to San Diego. Be sure to get Ramona Fradon to draw you something! Also, good luck and bon voyage on your trip to Denmark. Send me Legos!

  2. Jacque: Just watched your segment on History Detectives regarding the history of African Amerian comics. Excellent! Great job!!

  3. Ghost: Thanks so much on all accounts! I am sure we will have LEGOs coming out of our ears, so I may have to take you up on that! :)

    Mykal: I am so glad you watched! I really appreciate!

    and guys! I totally haven't forgotten reading your blogs! I just hardly have any time to sit down and concentrate these past few months! I am a bad bloggy friend, but will get better once I am settled! :)

  4. Best wishes on your move Jacque - may you be at home and settled soon!

  5. Thank you Ray!!! Settled is a word I would very much enjoy experiencing! :)

  6. I had to move my collection when I left Florida for North Carolina. It's a pain (worth it, of course). Make sure all your boxes are in shape for the trip and won't collapse.

  7. For right now it is going to be a stuff as many as I can in my suitcases type situation and maybe ship the rest slowly! :)

  8. Jacque:- I'm just writing up the following from this month's The Word magazine for my neck of the woods and doing so made me think of your splendid blog. It's even more evidence that romance comics really are essential to the secret history of the 20th century. In an interview with Rob Hughes, Duane Eddy speaks of some of the greatest songs of Hank Williams;

    “His wife Audrey broke his heart so many times that people figured that was why he was able to write all those great songs. Actually, he got a lot of his ideas from comic books. He’d be reading along and come across a line like “I can’t help it if I’m still in love with you” and it would just set him off. But a lot of others didn’t figure all that. They came to Nashville and lived the life but never got hits or made it as artists.”

    I suspect you'll know that, of course. But it made me laugh out loud. Hank Williams + Romance Comics = "I Can't Help It If I'm Still In Love With You". Fantastic. How many great country songs might have been written if only folks had known?

    All the best.

  9. Crazy connection there, Colin! Now, if we could just dig up a photo of Hank reading a romance comic -- that would be something! :) It does show though how important comics were back in the day, and how many people were reading them!