Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Gallery of Regrettable Fashion AKA Your Next Halloween Costume!

Halloween is rapidly approaching! Still looking for that perfect costume? Well look no further than the pages of '60s and '70s romance comics! While most of the fashion choices in the romance books are quite lovely, here are a few that are just a tad off the mark but may be perfect for that costume party you're obliged to attend!

Whoa! That outfit is quite the statement, isn't it?

"I'll Be a Modern Wife"
Pencils and Inks: Luis Avila
Just Married #61
(November 1968)

In his defense, he is a rockstar...

"Forbidden Romance"

Pencils and Inks: Tony Abruzzo
Secret Hearts #137 (July 1969)

Immediately following the
mysterious disappearance of the local zoo's tiger...

"Love is a Game... for Two!"
Girls' Romances #145
(December 1969)

Romance character or lost super-heroine from the DC universe?

"Beggar for Love"
Girls' Romances #146
(January 1970)

Ah, the rebelliousness of youth -- flip-flops and ponchos.

"Love a la Mode"
Pencils: George Tuska, Inks: Vince Colletta
Girls' Love Stories #160
(July 1971)

She stands out?

"Cage of Love"
Pencils and Inks: John Rosenberger
Young Romance #173
(August 1971)

"Please, Joe -- please! Take off that ridiculous
sweater vest before kissing me!"

"Too Easy to Love"
Heart Throbs #134
(October 1971)

Gratuitous hot pants!

"The Facts of Life"
Young Romance #178
(January 1972)

"Welcome to Planet X-72,
you will be given your uniform shortly!"

"Never Give up on Love!"
Pencils: Don Perlin, Inks: Vincent Alascia
Romantic Story #118
(April 1972)

"I said I wouldn't blame you for walking out on me!
...but, I do blame you for that outfit."

"...the Man in my Life!"
Pencils: John Romita (Retouched Reprint)
Girls' Love Stories #170
(June 1972)

My thoughts exactly...

"First Date"
Falling in Love #142
(August/September 1973)

Too bad his date can't
say the same about him...

"Like Love"
Pencils and Inks: Enrique Nieto
For Lovers Only #82
(December 1975)


  1. Enjoyed your running commentary!

  2. Ha! These were funny! Yee Godz!!
    I bet if you had more time you could have found dozens more just like these!
    Fun and freaky post!

  3. Wow, those are some boss threads (to utilize the parlance of today's hep youngsters).
    Seriously, though, I'm wondering Peter, in that first panel, is not lying on the floor in convulsive laughter...

  4. They're great! Ken's outfit from the first panel looks like it is straight out of the 80's. I am surprised it is from 1968. Hmmm...

    Love reading your blog.

  5. I will not be wearing gratuitous hot-pants this Halloween... Maybe @ Thanxgiving...

  6. Thanks for reading, everyone! I think we all need a little comic relief once and a while!!! I am sure there will be a sequel to this one someday! :)

  7. As a child of the 1970s I must admit I enjoyed gratuitous hot pants.

  8. Very funny! I'm totally am dying for some kind of context on that last panel. He looks like a lion tamer.

  9. frasersherman: Hot pants are pretty cool, I have to admit!

    Spectergirl: Believe it or not, in the story that guy has an identical twin. There are TWO of him!!!

  10. Oh dear, I found at least two of those outfits extremely enticing ...

  11. Good gravy, these are amazing. Re #10: How can her heart sink? It doesn't have anywhere to go, her organs must all be mooshed up into her ribcage as it is!

  12. There are quite a few of those mini corsets in the '70s romances. I have yet to ever see a photo of a woman wearing one...

  13. Jacque,

    Funny stuff. you must do more like this. Hillarious commentary!

  14. Good to know that my sense of humor has appealed to people! :)