Friday, November 11, 2011

Celebrate Veterans Day with Career Girl Romances

Hello everyone! Happy Veterans Day! In celebration and appreciation of the many women and men who have served in and supported the armed forces over the years I present "Saigon Kisses" from Career Girl Romances #46 (August 1968). Our story starts with the departure of Tommy Suchak -- Green Beret and fiancé to Wendy Miller.

Sent to the jungles of Vietnam, Tommy writes frequently to Wendy. She always writes back and always dreams about him when her head hits the pillow. One night Wendy wakes up from a terrible nightmare. She fears the worst...

Wendy's nightmare becomes reality -- Tommy is announced missing in action. Wendy fears he is either a prisoner of the Viet Cong or dead. Tommy's parents tell her to continue to pray and not give up hope that he might still be alive. Weeks pass. Frustrated with waiting and not knowing, Wendy decides to take matters into her own hands by joining the Red Cross.

Before long, Wendy finds herself in Saigon. Her days are filled with visiting wounded soldiers, delivering packages from home, and meeting helicopters carrying freed American POWs. All the while, Wendy keeps alert to any signs of Tommy.

Not one to sit on the sidelines, Wendy does whatever she needs to do (including using her feminine wiles) to gain entry into combat zones in order to search for Tommy.

Just as she starts to lose hope that he is alive, a soldier comes in without dog tags, clinging to life. Amazingly, it is Tommy!

Back at the Red Cross station, Wendy sticks by Tommy's side while he regains his health. In a simple but happy ending, the two kiss.

Naturally, lots of romance stories were centered around wartime, but few featured such a proactive heroine and a happily ever after!

Thank you, Veterans!!!


  1. Thank you, veterans, indeed. Great post. Perfect tribute.

  2. Lots of good military stories to be had in the romance comics! This is of course just one!