Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Favorites - The Romance Comic Covers of Nick Cardy

Hey all! I hope you are doing well this fine Friday! Today I have for you a few of my absolute favorite Nick Cardy romance covers!!! Attractive characters, expressive characterization and super groovy outfits -- few can top the romance covers of Cardy in my eyes!

Falling in Love #137
(October 1972)

Girls' Love Stories #148
(January 1970)

Girls' Romances #153
(December 1970)

Girls' Romances #154
(January 1971)

Young Romance #157
(December 1968/January 1969)

I unfortunately don't have the following two in my collection, but they are also favorites! Hopefully someday I will be able to make them mine!

Girls' Romances #148
(April 1970)

Heart Throbs #121
(August/September 1969)

Do you have any favorite Cardy covers --
romance or otherwise?


  1. Fantastic! Cardy was one of my favorite romance cover artists (along with Giordano). There are a few more Nick Cardy romance covers at

  2. Thank you!

  3. GREAT covers!

    Groovy kind of love; thanks for sharing!


    Nick Cardy good.

  5. Very awesome covers. But is "Doormat for Love" as awesome as it looks?



  7. Cardy was the best, great penciler, even better inker. And I think he was better with the smaller art boards starting in the mid-60s. Carmine Infantino thought Cardy was the best. Only thing he did that I didn't like was all the superhero covers he did at the end of his time at DC. Of course, any art with a woman in it was something else -- always painfully terrific.

  8. Oh, I love Cardy's superhero covers too, especially the Action Comics ones.

    Great line-up, Jacque (are YOU a nice girl?). That Mom cover is a hoot, it reminds me of the UK TV show Hotter Than My Daughter.

  9. Totally agree -- few can top the romance covers of Nick Cardy. My favorite Cardy romance cover
    is Super DC Giant No. S-17 presents Love 1970:

    ~Jake Oster

  10. Sooooooo many good ones! Thanks for sharing your favorites everyone!!! I only wish he had drawn more romance. If you ever have a chance to meet Mr. Cardy at a convention, be sure to say hello. Not only an amazing artist, but such a kind man.

  11. Elaine -- to answer your question! "Doormat for Love" is as good as it looks! Stay tuned! I see it in our near future here at Sequential Crush!

  12. Jacque - Awesome! I do love things like this. I only have a small "collection" of these stories myself-- the deeply awesome "Romance Without Tears"-- and I'm fascinated by the whole genre.

    Thanks for sharing with us!

  13. Cardy is a very talented artist, particularly good in the romance department. I'm especially fond of the "Get Lost!" cover.

  14. Hi Jacque,

    Falling in Love # 137's cover looks a little odd to my eye, as though another hand were involved besides Cardy. Perhaps some touch ups/alterations by Colletta, particularly the womans face.

  15. Cardy did sign it with his initials -- hard to see on my scan, it got cut off a bit. I don't doubt anything though! It does have a not 100% Cardy quality to it...