Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Selling Romance - Zolatron Simulated Diamond Ring!

Before I left the United States, I received the following advertisement in some junk mail. Usually I would just throw those sorts of things away, but this one for the Diamond-x4 caught my eye -- I knew I had seen something very similar someplace before! And of course, where else... in a romance comic!

Fake diamonds are nothing new. Judging by the multitude of young readers who wrote in to the advice columns asking for help with their impending marriage plans, they were understandably sought after. I am sure quite a few of those young ladies wound up with Zolatron diamonds from their young suitors!

As found in
Teen Confessions #92
(December 1975)


  1. Wasn't Zolatron one of the original Transformers? :)

  2. Sure sounds like it could be! Neither Zolatron nor Diamond-x4 are that flattering sounding really, haha!