Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Holiday House Ad

Holiday-themed house ad from
Falling in Love #74 (April 1965).

Imagine receiving the gift of romance comics!!! I know... it seems strange that a comic book with a cover date of April would have a Santa inspired ad, but most comics were actually published two months before the date on the cover. In the case of this issue and going by that lag time, this ad is still a little out of place! I guess those gifts of romance comics would have been a little late for the holidays!


  1. And yet that Showcase Young Love book isn't available even for Valentine's Day. Bummer!


  2. DC has poor timing.

  3. That is a bummer, Mardou! It would have made a lovely gift for Valentines Day. :(

  4. Actually, I think it was a 4 month lag. Issues published in September were cover-dated December, for instance. If Falling in Love was a bi-monthly, the math may work, but otherwise, it seems too late to run a Christmas ad.

    Comics accounting...

  5. Here seems to be a good run-down of how the cover dates worked... http://www.dcindexes.com/planet/index.php?issue=58