Thursday, December 15, 2011

Joe Simon 1913 - 2011

Joe Simon via

I had another post prepped for today, but I am sad to say that I just heard the news that romance comic book genre pioneer, Joe Simon has passed away. As the founding father of romance comics (along with Jack Kirby) I just want to take this time to both remember him and thank him. I can't really imagine what the comic book industry or my life would be like without his monumental contributions. Rest in peace, Mr. Simon.


  1. It's always kind of odd to remember that among all the other things they did in/for the industry, Simon and Kirby created romance comics. I always found that kind of a trip. And yes, Simon was truly a giant in the field.
    (It's being mentioned all over the comics blogosphere, but I have to say - this has been kind of a sad week in the comics world: first we learn of Jerry Robinson's passing, and then Simon, and the tragic death of Eduardo Barreto as well...)

  2. It is sad, Edo. It is great though to see so many people remembering these talented people for all their contributions. Dr. Michael J. Vassallo has just posted a moving rememberence over at his blog of both Robinson and Simon that I highly recommend: