Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Long Running Romance Comic Book Serial "Reach for Happiness!"- Episode Five

I recently realized that it has been quite a while since I last posted an episode of the long-running, Peyton Place based romance comic serial, "Reach for Happiness!" Oops!

Today I shall correct that with the fifth installment from Secret Hearts #114 (September 1966). Since many of you are new readers, I encourage you to catch up with the first four episodes here! You can also read the handy "What Came Before..." page right below to get up to speed on all the drama and anguish!

The art for all previous episodes was moodily executed by Gene Colan. In this episode, you will notice that the art duties are shared between Colan and another artist. The Grand Comics Database credits John Rosenberger as the second artist.

After being dropped off at her house by Greg close to dawn, Karen is confused to say the least. Just as quickly as Greg turned on the charm, he turned it off and left her hanging. Needing to talk to someone about the kiss, Karen notices that her sister Peggy is still awake. But Peggy is worried about her own problems (which are unknown to us at this point) and isn't receptive in the least to Karen's woes.

The next day, Rita (Karen's competition for Greg) visits her father at his hardware store. Rita lets her dad know that she is planning on giving Greg an ultimatum that very day.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the tracks, Roger and Lila Smathers continue to fight about their son Richie and his spoiled ways. Richie does little to show remorse for the accident he caused.

After being spurned by her sister, Karen goes to Lila looking for a sympathetic ear. But Lila isn't much help either, and grills Karen on why she gave up Greg in the first place for movie star Frankie Summers (now deceased). When Karen tells Lila about Rita, Lila advises her to take action... and quick, if she doesn't want to lose Greg.
Karen walks home and tries to avoid dropping in at Greg's office. Naturally, she can't help herself and stops in. She tells Greg that she had a wonderful time the night prior. An awkward silence grows between them and she motions to leave. Greg stops her and declares, "Karen -- I'm so sorry --" and just like that, Rita slinks out to brag about her conquest. Noooooooooo!!!

Oh! Oh! What's next? I guess you will just have to wait and see! But, I promise not to make you wait another six months this time!

Thanks again to Pat over at
Silver Age Comics for the scans for this episode!

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