Wednesday, March 7, 2012

FOR or AGAINST Women's Lib with Romance Comic Villain - Marc!

For the new readers of Sequential Crush out there, let me introduce you to Marc of "Marc - On the Man's Side!" The Marc columns are pretty outlandish and worth a read if you have a moment. Marc was basically an instigator, as well as a mouthpiece for DC to get readers riled up about topics such as the Women's Movement.

In this issue of Young Love, romance comic readers wrote in to vile Marc to express their viewpoints on the movement in two categories -- "FOR Women's Lib" and "AGAINST Women's Lib." Although most of the pertinent letters demonstrate a lack of understanding of what the movement was about, they do clearly show the differing viewpoints and the passion with which both sides vocalized their opinions.

"Marc - On the Man's Side"
Young Love
(August 1972)


  1. What an interesting post just ahead of International Women's Day (and since it is now March 8, a happy Women's Day to you).
    Marc is a real charmer (although pretty tame compared to certain current American talk radio personalities), and those "anti-lib" letters are kind of weirdly amusing. Weird in the sense that many "antis" are still making virtually the same arguments now, about 40 years later. Now I've just depressed myself...

  2. Jacque: Whoa, some pretty serious hating going on for the Markster. I can't help but wonder if "Marc" was really two or three female staff writers having a ball, just getting folks all fired up. "He" demonstrates an incredibly perceptive instinct about pushing just the right female buttons. "Do you dig it, libbers?"

  3. Edo: Yes, I also definitely saw parallels to current events for sure in this particular column and the Marc ones in general.

    Mykal: I received some information from Tony Isabella a while back as to who Marc probably was... but I am going to keep you in suspense and save that for another time! :)