Monday, April 30, 2012

1970s Danish Romance Comics

A few weeks ago I came across a small stash of 1970s Danish romance comics in a used bookshop, and I just had to share them with you! Though American romance comics will always be #1 in my heart, stumbling upon these was pretty exciting! Titles I found include, Amor, Starlet, Love, and Jackie. If you are familiar with British romance comics, you will notice that some of these (not sure if all) are just the British comics translated to Danish. Though most of these digest-type romance comics are comprised primarily of one story, they do contain much of the same filler material that make the American romance comics so fun -- house ads, advice columns, recipes, and fashion tips.

The illustrated covers of Amor really caught my eye!
Amor #331 (1977) and Amor #354 (1978)

Love #7 (1979) was the only issue
I found that was in full color.


Just a few examples of the black and white interiors from the other issues I picked up...

"Pigen i Midten"
("The Girl in the Middle")
from Amor #110 (1969)  

 "Altid det Bedste"
("Always the Best") 
from Amor #331 (1977)

"En Uskyldig Spøg"
("An Innocent Joke") 
from Jackie #28 (1972)

Back cover house ad for Amor and another romance title, Min Melodi. They don't get much more gorgeous than this! 

Pretty cool, huh? Not sure if my Danish will get to the level anytime soon so that I can actually read them, but the gorgeous covers and illustrations were enough to persuade me to dish out a few Danish Kroner to add them to my collection!


  1. I thought the Jackie's looked kinda familiar! The newsagent's shelves of my youth!

    1. Cool! I hope it brought back some memories!

  2. Jacque: Those covers have some really fine painting. They look a bit larger than American comics. True? Very cool looking interior art!

    A very international post!

    1. My picture doesn't really show the scale accurately. They are actually all half the size of the American comics (digest sized), except for the LOVE issue which is the same.

  3. The style is very much like the British comics I remember from childhood, though I don't think I'd have pegged to it if you hadn't pointed it out.--fraser

  4. These are really interesting Jacque - they do look like Danish versions of those small British romance comics I was finding over there in the UK. That page from Amor 110 looks like it was drawn buy one of those Spanish artists.

  5. Jackie was a long-running girls comic in the UK. The other examples you show look typical of the kind of fare found within. By the 1960s and 70s, the majority of art was being farmed out to Spanish and Argentinian studios. Digest-sized "pocket books" were popular for many years too, though these were exclusively in black and white. Colour is pretty rare in British comics.

  6. Fraser, KB, Allan: Glad to hear from some people who actually read the British books that these are indeed similar. The colored issue is the only oddball I guess. Perhaps it was colored just for the Danish market?! :)