Thursday, April 26, 2012

Young Romance Smorgasbord!

Hello! I was perusing a few issues of Young Romance the other day, and I came across the following pages in issue #129 (April/May 1964). They are all quite delectable, so be sure to click on each to take a closer look!

My portrait sketched
by John Romita? 
Yes, please!

 I don't know about where you are,
but I could definitely use one of these
raincoats this drizzly April!
I love everything about this back cover ad!
The colors, the illustrations, the prizes themselves!
I wonder if anyone ever sold the  228 boxes of
greeting cards required to win all the prizes?


  1. Jacque: We are on the same page about that last ad. That is just way too cool. Excellent layout, and what a nifty collection of prizes. I am dead curious about the "Tom "Thumb" typewritten.

  2. MY kid brother sold those cards like crazy, but he went for the "guy" prizes. He also made a nice piece of change selling GRIT, a direct sale only newsmagazine.

    1. Oh yes, GRIT! I remember selling wrapping paper (or attempting to anyway) in elementary school. I always thought the sample booklets were so cool!

  3. Regarding the "Miss Young America" contest, I found this in a 1965 romance comic:

    I'm not sure if it was the result of that specific contest, or a different one, but it shows 2 lucky ladies who got their Romita portraits.

    Hopefully they've hung on to them, and are now sharing it with their grandchildren!

    1. I have seen quite a few of different young ladies from various installments of the contest. Quite the keepsake!

  4. Oh, dude. If I'd been around in 1964, I would've applied for that Miss America Comic thing hook, line, and sinker.