Monday, May 14, 2012

Romance Comic Villains Extraordinaire - Mothers! Young Romance's "My Mother... My Rival!"

I hope all you mothers out there had a great Mother's Day yesterday! In a bit of a belated celebration, I have for you today, "My Mother... My Rival!" from Young Romance #157 (December 1968/January 1969). The kickin' cover comes from Nick Cardy, and the interior story features pencils by John Rosenberger.

Note of warning! If you experience a little deja vu from this story, fear not! "My Mother... My Rival!" is quite similar to another DC romance story, "My Mother, the Mantrap" that I posted back in December. Moms make terrific romance comic book villains -- obviously ;)

Tina is terrified that her young, beautiful, and hip mother (who insists on being called Fay) will steal her boyfriend, Allan away from her. For Tina, her mother's attractive and coy nature is the stuff of nightmares.

Terrified of losing Allan, Tina decides it is best to keep him away from her home (and by default, her mother). One day Allan confronts Tina about his never being invited over and questions if she thinks he is some kind of leper or something. Tina brushes Allan's fears aside, and reluctantly invites him over one afternoon with a few other friends.

Tina hopes that her mother isn't home for the visit, but naturally -- Fay is there and ready to party!

Fay only leaves the dance floor when Tina's father comes home from work. She lets Tina's friends know that they are welcome to come over for some "groovy dance music" anytime. Tina is of course, mortified. Her state of panic is only exacerbated when Allan announces upon his departure, "I have to tell you about your mom! She's wild! She's so boss! Moves me, baby, she's one of us!" Eeeeeeppppp!

Things just get worse for poor Tina. One following evening, Allan goes over to Tina's to pick her up for their date to the movies. Fay insists that they have plenty of time to sit down for some of her freshly baked cookies. Tina seethes with anger as Allan relentlessly compliments Fay on her baking skills. To add insult to injury, Allan exclaims, "Say Tina -- it's too bad you can't cook like your mother -- you'd wind me around your little finger!" Ouch!!!

But that isn't the worst of it! After Fay pouts a bit over being left home for the evening while her husband bowls, Allan invites Fay to join them at the movies. Awkward!!!

The last straw for Tina is when Fay holds a party after the school play for Tina and her fellow castmates. Unable to go on watching her mother do the Watusi with her boyfriend, Tina flips. She runs out into the night rain and keeps running. Finally, she returns home to her bed and sobs herself to the brink of sleep. But just before she drifts off completely, Fay swoops in and holds her baby girl close. She apologizes for her age-inappropriate actions and vows to remember that she is Tina's mother -- first and foremost.

Though Tina fears a reemergence of Fay's behavior the next time Allan visits, she is pleasantly surprised when Fay announces she will be joining her husband's bowling club. After a knowing hug between mother and daughter, the parental units depart and Tina finally gets some alone time with Allan.

Oh, romance comics! We love you!
Happy (belated) Mother's Day!


  1. I guess some of the oldtime editors of DC superhero comics - such as Mort Weisinger - weren't alone in recycling old stories!


  2. Yes, it seems like that later story that you posted earlier is recycled, but there are two crucial differences: 1. the dad is still in the picture here (and strangely uninterested in the goings-on in the lives of his wife and daughter), while in the later story the mom is single (albeit with a serious love interest); 2. - and I find this quite interesting - there is acknowledgement on the part of the mom that she is somewhat flattered by the attention she's getting from the 'younger set.'
    By the way, the mom's 'mini-dress' on that second page is way cool - it could have been a great alternate costume for Princess Projectra in the Legion.

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  4. I couldn't help but imagine some modernized version of it with the text in thought bubble being something along the lines of "damn, my own boyfriend sees my mother as a MILF!"

  5. I'm looking on purchasing this comic how much would it be worth?

  6. I saw the cover for this one on a T-Shirt way back in 1971.

  7. Thanks for posting this! I saw the cover on a friend's Facebook page and was curious about the story.