Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday (Un)Favorites - Romance Comic Book Cover Fails!

If anyone loves romance comics and is willing to stick up for them, its me. Once in a while though, there is a cover that is so ridiculous that I just can't help but chuckle. Chalk it up to a rushed schedule for the artist or simply a creative idea gone astray, these five covers are pretty nuts and be counted among some of the covers I like the least!


This first one by Jay Scott Pike is crazy! That kid's chompers! They'll get ya!

Girls' Love Stories #179
(September/October 1973)

At first glance, this cover isn't soooo bad -- but take a closer look. What are those goofy guys doing back there? I don't know about you, but I am also mystified by the brunette's crazy eyebrows and the fact that they are so high up on her forehead!

Our Love Story #11
(June 1971)

Nothing says romance like severed torsos in matching sweaters!

Romantic Story #115
(October 1971)

Holy mouthful of mustache, Batman!

Teen Confessions #85
(September 1974)

It's not that wedgie-picking isn't attractive, but when first meeting your best friend's boyfriend whom you are planning to steal? Come on, Marcia!

Young Love #89
(November 1971)

I hope you enjoyed my little tour of some romance comic book cover "fails!" If you did, let me know in the comments section which was your favorite! Next week I will post the winning cover's corresponding interior story!

Credits: 1.) Girls' Love Stories #179 (September/October 1973) Pencils: Jay Scott Pike, Inks: Vince Colletta 2.) Our Love Story #11 (June 1971) Pencils: John Buscema, Inks: John Romita 3.) Romantic Story #115 (October 1971) 4.) Teen Confessions #85 (September 1974) 5.) Young Love #89 (November 1971) Pencils: Don Heck, Inks: Dick Giordano


  1. I'm with you... that demon child in #1 has my vote.

  2. Hysterical ! Especially the matching Torsos, which gets my vote ;~j

  3. Number 5 gets my vote purely for Howard Chaykin Guy.

  4. Romantic Story #115 gets mine.

  5. Very fun theme!

    My vote goes to OUR LOVE STORY # 11 for the weirdest eyebrows ever!

    Even weirder when it comes from John Buscema and John Romita who both drew the prettiest girls at Marvel...

  6. I like number 5 for the shiny trews! Though nothing says romance like a word search ...

  7. Gotta go with the ROMANTIC STORY, # 3. Final answer.

  8. Oh man, I just HAVE to see Young Love #89. The hair! The pants! The unbuttoned shirt and kicky scarf combination! That man has it all.

  9. The severed torsos cover is the most frightening to me, although the Young Love cover is amusing, because frankly I don't think the guy is interested in EITHER of them :)

  10. Yes, I'm sure it wasn't Heck's intention, but there is no way that looks like anything but wedgie-picking on that Young Love cover.
    However, my vote goes to Our Love Story #11 - not because I think it's the weirdest, but because I just love the art in those Marvel romance comics (however, if that's not a legitimate reason, then Young Love #89).

  11. I'm going with Girls' Love Stories #179: That’s one scary little girl.

    Jake Oster

  12. When I talk negatively about PDA, I'm remembering cases like the wonder twins from Romantic Story. And while gross, that cover does admittedly capture an air of romance. Beside all of that, the Romantic Story is not my favorite least favorite.

    I should be amused by a story about a jealous kid sister, but that art is just scary. So, the Girls' Love Stories is my least favorite.

  13. Young Love 89
    "Test Yourself... Are You A Mankiller?"

    And the wedgie-picking :)

  14. What on earth is "wedgie-picking"?

  15. Girls Love Stories 179... the others are flawed, but that one is just weird!


  16. I'm going for 'Our Love Story' Its a groove sensation!

  17. Thank you so much everyone for taking the time to vote! I had a few last minute opinions on the Sequential Crush Facebook page and we have a winner... let's hear it for the upper bodies of Charlton's Romantic Story #115! I will post the story next, so stay tuned! :)