Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Happenings - Swimsuits!

Secret Hearts #139
(October 1969)

'Tis the season for swimsuits! Well, sorta. The weather has actually been quite chilly near me, but I hope that summer in your area is in full swing! Not sure who the artist is on this "Happenings!" piece from Secret Hearts #139 (October 1969), but I really dig it. It looks a bit like Elizabeth Berube's work, but when I interviewed her a few months ago, she said that this piece was definitely not her work. Regardless, it's a fun one!


  1. How in the hell is that not Elizabeth Berube?!

    I suppose it's not this guy, either...


  2. I am starting to collect Liz's romance comic work. I am not an art expert but it doesn't look like her work however it is stylized like it. I don't believe she leaves off the noses or draws markings on the cheeks like they are shown here.

    Thanks for that interview again, it was very motivating and renewed my interest in collecting romance comics.

  3. It's probably Ric Estrada pretending to be Liz. He did a few pieces in this style in the late-60s/early-70s.

  4. Yes, it could be Estrada. I don't know if he was purposefully pretending to be Liz so much as just emulating a style that was rather popular at the time. It seems like he usually signed his fashion pages, though like the following...