Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Time Travel Tuesdays - Flight to Happiness

Why hello! I realize it has been quite some time since I last shared a Time Travel Tuesday story with you! Today's story, "Flight to Happiness" with art by George Klein (Grand Comics Database) is from Prize's Personal Love #1 (vol. 3) (September/October 1959). "Flight to Happiness" starts out rather unhappily actually for stewardess Sheilah Scott when she discovers that the annoying and persistent millionaire -- Rodney Jefferson Drake, is on her flight yet again.

Time and time again, Drake takes her route seemingly just to pester her. During the flight, Sheilah takes refuge in the control room, where the pilot (Steve) promises to "tell that bird where to get off!"

Just when Sheilah thinks she has her passenger under control, she is brought a letter from a little boy who was given a dollar for his delivery services. You can probably guess whom the letter was from...

When they land in Paris, Sheilah tries to unwind by heading back to her hotel room. But, she can't escape or ignore her needy passenger as Drake owns the hotel she is staying in. After he inundates her room with flowers and jewelry, she calls him up and gives him back the diamond bracelet he snuck into one of the bouquets.

That evening after putting the incidents with Drake out of her mind, Sheilah goes out with Steve to enjoy some Parisian night life. Just as she remarks that it is nice to be away from "a certain obnoxious pest," Steve points to the man sitting behind her -- Drake! He continues to follow Sheilah and Steve, even to the top of the Eiffel Tower.

When she returns to her hotel room, Sheilah is seriously pissed. The last thing she needs is to see Drake. The only respite she gets is a night's sleep, because when she boards the plane the next morning she discovers that Drake has bought out all the tickets -- just to have her all to himself. Steve overhears Drake harassing Sheilah yet again and puts the controls on automatic (unbeknownst to Sheilah he took off without a co-pilot) to put him in his place. Just as Steve starts wailing on Drake, a storm brews in the sky. During the fight, Steve hits his head and is rendered unconscious. Without a co-pilot to tame the vessel, Drake springs into action and steers them to safety. Recognizing the gravity and seriousness of the situation, Drake finally calms down and says he won't bother Sheilah any longer.

Before landing back at the airport in Paris, Steve comes to and takes over to land the plane. Completely dejected, Drake slumps back in his seat and says to his crush, "Don't mind me, Miss Scott. Just pretend the passenger section is empty... like my head." Upon their arrival, Drakes slinks off. The End!

Just kidding! Of course doesn't end like that! Naturally, once Drake backs off, Sheilah is left to wonder if he really is the one for her. And what do you know? He is!

All in all, a cute and comical late 1950s romance story with some pretty entertaining dialogue!


  1. Eight children? Oh, man, Sheilah - run! Run as far as you can and don't look back...
    Yes, the panels you posted are kind of humorous, but I just can't get over the fact that it depicts a woman eventually giving in to a pretty obnoxious stalker.

    1. I know -- it's pretty disturbing that the message of this story is that if a stalker is just persistent enough, the stalking victim will end up falling for him.

  2. Common to a lot of romance stories in and out of comics unfortunately. I suppose it's a logical extension of trying to win over the one you love, but after a certain point ...

  3. Fraser is correct -- the "stalking" theme was quite popular in the romance comics. I posted a really overt use of the theme last fall: http://www.sequentialcrush.blogspot.dk/2011/09/classic-tale-of-unrequited-love-almost.html

  4. This has gotta be the DUMBEST romance story I've seen so far! Thanks, Jacque.