Monday, August 6, 2012

Fashion Files - Girdles!

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The other day I came across a news story about a growing trend of teen girls wearing Spanx and other body-slimming undergarments. While it may seem like a new occurrence, girdles and other devices to keep wayward fat in check have been around for a looooong time and no doubt worn by the teen set. Though this ad (from Teen-Age Love #94 - August 1973) appears to be written for grown women, the fact that it appeared in a publication geared primarily at teens points to the fact that these undergarments were probably purchased and worn by at least a few teens! Just goes to show, some news really isn't that new!


  1. there's a brief conversation-- I think it's To Catch a Thief-- where Grace Kelly is down in the dumps and her BFF says "Cheer up darling! You'll feel so much better when you've put on a girdle!"