Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wacky Ad - Miniature Dog!

You definitely want to read this one.
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Of all the strange ads I have come across in the romance comics, this one from the back cover of Teen Confessions #24 (August 1963) may just take the cake! The ad doesn't have anything to do with romance, but they sure had the audience right -- what young lady wouldn't have wanted her very own "Miniature Dog?" After reading it you will probably come to the same conclusion I did -- wouldn't it just have been easier to adopt a dog from the pound?!


  1. This is even weirder, and possibly worse, than those 'pet monkey' ads - at least in those, you actually paid for that poor monkey (which were sent via mail in little box-cages). Here they gave away tiny dogs as a gimmick to draw people into some kind of pyramid scheme. 'Strange' to say the least...

  2. The ones with "who else wants a live monkey" make me wonder if it was common to sell dead monkeys.

  3. I have a friend whose mom did order one of the pet monkeys from a comic book. It apparently arrived alive (though many certainly didn't) and lived to be quite old. It eventually grew unruly and they donated it to a zoo. But yes, this dog one is even stranger. I wonder if anyone actually completed all the steps so that they received one?