Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Favorites - Malt Shop Romance!

It's Friday! Let's celebrate with some great DC romance covers! You will quickly notice that all five of these covers take place in a malt shop -- the quintessential hangout for the mid-century teen. I always just assumed as a devout Saved By the Bell watching elementary school kid that high school would be rife with after school meetups at the local diner (à la the Max). Not so as it turned out! But maybe it was a good thing. Judging from these covers, one is liable to cry in such an establishment! 

Falling in Love #76
(July 1965)

 Falling in Love #104
(January 1969)

 Girls' Love Stories #145
(August 1969)

 Young Love #81
(July/August 1970)

Young Love #93
(March 1972)

Have a wonderful weekend!!!

Credits: 1.) Falling in Love #76 (July 1965) Pencils: Tony Abruzzo 2.) Falling in Love #104 (January 1969) Pencils: Ric Estrada, Inks: Dick Giordano 3.) Girls' Love Stories #145 (August 1969) Pencils and Inks: Nick Cardy 4.)  Young Love #81 (July/August 1970) Pencils: Bill Draut, Inks: Dick Giordano 5.) Young Love #93 (March 1972) Pencils: John Rosenberger, Inks: Vince Colletta


  1. Jacque,

    Beautiful covers. My favorites are Girls' Love # 145 and Young Love # 81 for their simplicity of design and attractive colors. The effective lettering of Gaspar Saladino is icing on the cake.

    1. I think the Estrada cover is my favorite followed by Young Love #81!

  2. I was a small-town high school kid in the late 60s. I remember often seeing soda fountains in comics, movies and TV and considering them anachronisms. There was a shop across from the school where the kids hung out, but it was a burger joint rather than a classic fountain. No counter stools, no stainless steel ice cream equipment, no booths from which to eavesdrop on your cheating boyfriend. Fountains seemed very 1940s.

    1. I can imagine the creators were maybe were going a little bit off memories of their youth -- perhaps that accounts for the discrepancy.

      I used to go to this very neat one when I lived in St. Louis called Crown Candy Kitchen. It opened in 1913!

  3. Young Love #81, Colletta girls rocked it.

  4. Makes me wanna go out and get a vanilla malt. Also, I recall that Peter Parker and his crew hung around in the Coffee Bean Barn, which at least was a little more up-to-date in the Sixties.