Thursday, March 21, 2013

A Girl's Guide to Liberation!

Liberation! Such a provocative word! As used in the romance comics of the 1970s, it conjures up images of protests and yes, even hot pants. Unfortunately for us fascinated 21st century readers, the stories dedicated solely to "Women's Lib" are few and far between in the romance comics. Back when I purchased Falling in Love #117 (August 1970), I was super excited that "A Girl's Guide to Liberation!" would be a fascinating document doling out advice to budding feminists of the era, and would provide me with further insight into how the Women's Movement was portrayed in the comics. But what I read in the interior article was something far different than my expectations. Click on each page to enlarge!

Though a bit clinical, this piece on breaking away from parents is a good solid read. Completely fitting for a comic magazine that was geared for girls and young women.

Join me Monday for a bit of a part two to this post. I will be sharing with you "Mother, Let Me Go!" a story from Secret Hearts that really exemplifies the struggle of the parent/child liberation dynamic! See you then!

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