Monday, June 3, 2013

The Gemini Woman

"The Gemini Woman"
Secret Hearts #145
(July 1970) 

All you Gemini ladies, this one's for you! The Grand Comics Database lists the credits for this horoscope page as having been scripted by Raymond Marais and illustrated by John Celardo (of Tarzan comic strip fame), as per Dick Giordano's records. Though I love the likes of Jay Scott Pike and Tony Abruzzo, it's refreshing to see some filler material by lesser represented artists!


  1. What caught my eye on this was the writer credit for Raymond Marias. I recall him from when he started his brief tenure at Marvel and Stan Lee, or maybe Roy Thomas, called him a bushy-bearded guy in the Bullpen Bulletins page. He wrote some Dr. Strange and Sub-Mariner stories there and not a lot else. It seems he kicked around King Comics with brief features before that and, afterward, did work for DC and Warren, but nothing big. Looks from the GCD that the only romance work he did was one-page horoscope features like this. Apparently his last credited story was in WEIRD WAR TALES #10 in 1973. I know how easy it is to become a Forgotten Comic Writer.

    1. Yes, I was happy to see that there was a credit of some sort for that one. I am curious to know who has Giordano's records now, as I am sure they hold lots of good information.