Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Advice From the Romance Comics - Page Peterson Helps You Realize The Error of Your Ways

If Page Peterson were a real person, you better believe she'd be on retainer as my life coach. If I had Ms. Peterson in my life she probably would have told me, "Jacque, don't try to hand make all your holiday gifts -- it's just too much!" Or she would have at least told me I should have started in July. She would also hopefully tell me to walk daily and buy a better conditioner. Well, sadly, I'm a few decades too late and in the wrong universe for Ms. Peterson's advice. But really... couldn't we all use a Page Peterson in our lives? An unbiased professional willing to dish out tough love on matters such as dating and other sticky situations? Luckily for Karen from issue #174 of Young Romance, romance guru Page Peterson is at the ready to fill the dancing diva in on the error of her ways. Just click to enlarge and enjoy!

"Do's & Dont's of Dating by Page Peterson"
Pencils: Steve Englehart, Inks: Vince Colletta
Young Romance #174 (September 1971)


  1. I like the Page Peterson "pages." She does give good advice, plus it's great seeing an African-American woman as the authority figure.

    Do you suppose this piece really was drawn by Steve Englehart--the same Englehart who was later writer of Justice League, etc. etc.?

  2. Don't know who did the pencils (maybe Vinnie?) but just one look at the eyelashes tells you that Colletta inked it!!

  3. I guess so! Englehart remembers penciling it, so I just thought I would throw that link in there (accessible by clicking on "Steve Englehart").

  4. Most definitely Vinnie's inks. Who could draw prettier girls?