Friday, June 26, 2015

HeroesCon 2015!

Babs Tarr Spider-Gwen #5
variant for HeroesCon 2015

Last weekend I had the good fortune of attending HeroesCon in Charlotte, North Carolina. Though it was my first time attending HeroesCon, I can now say it is hands down one of my personal favorite conventions.

The boy, James, and I were able to make the journey to Charlotte into a really nice (and much needed) roadtrip. First, we drove to the Smokies, and spent a few days frolicking in nature and enjoying the outdoors. A couple days in the wilderness did us good!

Not comics, but I also love hiking
and exploring National Parks!

After a brief stop in Asheville, it was on to Charlotte for the con! Immediately upon our arrival, I was blown away by the hospitality of the Heroes staff. After their friendly welcome and a quick walk around the convention floor, I knew it was gonna be a great show full of… you guessed it… COMICS!

Yes, HeroesCon is unlike many of the other conventions you may have heard of and/or attended. It is a real life comic book convention. It was the comic book convention of my youth -- full of comic dealers, and brilliant artists in a well-planned out artists alley. The other thing I loved? It was SO family friendly. So many little kids enjoying themselves around comic books was definitely encouraging to see.

One of the highlights of the show for me was meeting up with Suzan Loeb, whom some of you probably remember from my interview with her back in 2010. After a big hug and a chat, we had an opportunity to have a little private meeting with Stan Lee. After all, Suzan was the Marvel Bullpen's "Groovy Gal Friday" in the late ‘60s. The reunion between two comic book greats was amazing to see, and I felt so thankful to be there in that moment.

Looking on as Suzan reminisces with Stan

Another exciting moment was visiting with Paty Cockrum at her table. I was sure to tell her how much I adore the romance story she penciled in My Love, and in return, she regaled me with stories of working for Marvel. What stuck with me was when Paty said that despite her tremendous three hour commute (each way) to get to there, working in the Marvel Bullpen was magic. I pretty much got goosebumps!

Chatting with the legendary Bernie Wrightson was also a treat, as was seeing the gorgeous art of Kevin Wada and Babs Tarr -- both of whom are involved with the Rosy Press anthology, Fresh Romance.

When we weren't in Artists Alley, much of my time was spent looking through long box after long box of comic books in search of romance titles to add to my collection, and of course -- share with all of you! To my delight, I was able to pick up 77 issues of romance comics. Whooohooo! I absolutely cannot wait to tell you about the gems I find in the issues I picked up!

Just a sampling of the romance comics
I picked up at HeroesCon

As a first time HeroesCon attendee, I was thoroughly impressed. This show is a favorite of so many comic book fans and now I totally see why. I can’t wait to return, and experience the show as an exhibitor -- hopefully next year!

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  1. Great comments. I have blessed to live in Asheville! out of 34 Heroes Cons I have been to 29, including the very first.

    1. Have you?! That is fantastic! I hope to go to many more!!!

  2. Wow! Had no idea you were at Heroes. It's a great Con, we drove in from Maryland( hate the ride, but it's worth it). HeroesCon is similar to Baltimore Comicon, but maybe a little cooler :)

    1. I absolutely loved it, KRStyle! I hope you had a great time as well. I've been to Baltimore before, and it definitely had a similar vibe. I hope to go to both again sometime soon!