Saturday, July 9, 2016

This is What it Sounds Like When Boys Cry

In our culture, men have overwhelmingly been taught not to cry. Shedding tears or showing emotion other than stalwart resolve is seen as weakness and frowned upon. Now, when it comes to the romance comics we immediately think of tearful young women, right? But believe it or not, romance comics depicted guys crying occasionally... and here are a few panels to prove it! 

Is Ellen cruel or just "too old" as the story title implies?
I thought that said "butter tears" there for a sec
and got excited. Think of all the baking experiments!

I got nothing, here.
This one actually gives me the sads!
Oh heavens, no, Rafe!
You are much too handsome to be weeping!

Women are always right. Usually. Most of the time.
Well, I am anyway. Just ask my fiancé.
I'm sure he'll agree. Maybe?

Not only did guys sometimes cry in the romance comics, they also read romance comics! We know about this demographic because quite a few young men wrote into romance comics to express their romantic anguish to the columnists. If you'd like to read more of the advice that was dished out to the boys, you should definitely back my current Kickstarter campaign for my book, How to Go Steady: Timeless Dating Advice, Wisdom, and Lessons from Vintage Romance Comics. There's a whole chapter in the book devoted to love lessons for guys!

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Credits: 1.) "Too Old for Love!" Falling in Love #122 (April 1971) Pencils: Art Saaf, Inks: Vince Colletta 2.) "Let's Fall in Love" Girls' Romances #103 (September 1964) Pencils and Inks: Bernard Sachs 3.) "Make Me Your Wife!" Young Love #58 (November/December 1966) Pencils: Mike Sekowsky, Inks: Bernard Sachs 4.) "Everything Nice" Just Married #79 (September 1971) Pencils: José Luis García-López 5.) "Reach for Happiness" Episode 24 Secret Hearts #133 (January 1969) Pencils: Jay Scott Pike


  1. Real men don't cry, Jacque.
    We merely sob quietly behind a dumpster in a deserted alley.
    On a happier note, congrats on the book!

    1. Thank you! Unfortunately, the Kickstarter was not a success this time around but this is just the beginning! :)

  2. Of course guys read romance comics. They featured pretty, well-drawn women.

  3. I really enjoy your blog, Jacque. Your articles are very informative and fun to read. I wish Marvel would do an omnibus collecting My Love and Our Love Story. They could call it a "Swinger Bus". What do you think?

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Howard!

      Haha, yes! Marvel should definitely put together a "Swinger Bus" ;) But really, a collection of their romances would be amazing. One thing that keeps me going is the hope that DC and/or Marvel do such a thing. And if they want me to write an intro... even better! Thank you for stopping by!