A Howard Chaykin Romance Story!

There are a few names that go with romance comics like peanut butter goes with jelly... John Romita, Sr., Jay Scott Pike, Vince Colletta, and so on. Then there are the names of that when mentioned in the context of romance comics elicit a "No way!" Today, I have for you a cute three-page story illustrated by one such artist -- Howard Chaykin. Probably best known for his work on the 1970s Marvel adaptation of Star Wars and his 1983 series American Flagg!, Howard is also a total hoot. My fiancé and I had the pleasure of having dinner with him (and Danny Fingeroth too) about this time last year and let me tell you. It was probably one of the most entertaining conversations I've ever been privy too.

The occasion of our meeting began when Danny introduced me to Howard at Wizard World Nashville. I had Young Romance #185 (August 1972) in hand, ready to ask questions of Howard's time working on romance comics. Well, I hate to admit it, but I got caught up in the excitement of the convention and I totally forgot to write down what Howard said. All I remember is him saying yes, he did work on "Not Old Enough!" and yes, Dorothy Woolfolk gave him his start at DC Comics via romance comics. Let's take a look at the story, shall we?!

Howard Chaykin Romance Comic Book Story for DC Comics
Howard Chaykin Romance Comic Book Story for DC Comics
Howard Chaykin Romance Comic Book Story for DC Comics

I love this silly little story not only because of the Chaykin connection but because the message of the story embodies the overarching spirit of 1970s romance comics -- be yourself! You ain't fooling nobody!

Now that I have it on my mind, I think I'll go ahead and email Howard to see if he's up for that interview!

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