Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Miss Potter Returns!

And now, a brief word from Sequential Crush's favorite Brit -- Penelope Potter!

"The Hint!"
Secret Hearts #149 (January 1971)


  1. Wot guy don' understand iz 'at Penny 'ere don' want 'im to jump 'er bones, she jus' wants 'im to WANT to jump 'er bones. Birds is funny creatures, Guy!

  2. Ah, the mysteries of woman. Guy just learned a valuable lesson the hard way. It doesn't matter what a woman says. It's how she feels that counts. Until young Guy learns that, he can count on slaps.

    Be they English birds or American foxes; a woman's heart is a iifelong study (and then it's still, for us men, mostly guess work).

  3. Hahahahaha!

    Nice post

  4. Word up! Women are mysterious creatures! I have a hard time knowing what I want half the time! hehe :)