Sunday, October 17, 2010

Help Scott Edelman Identify This British Romance Comic Book Panel!

Hi all! I hope you are having a lovely weekend! This is a very special post! Comic book writer extraordinaire, Scott Edelman needs your help! This morning on his LiveJournal blog, Scott recounts a trip to London in 1977 with his new bride, Irene Vartanoff, during which he clipped the following panel from a British romance comic.

Feeling that it was representative of their future together, Scott held onto the panel all these years in his wallet and just recently took it out. Now, he needs our help identifying what comic it came from! If you have any information that could help Scott, be sure to leave him a comment over at his site! Now that is a tale of true life romance!!!

To see more examples of British romance comics, be sure to check out the informative blog, Out of This World. You will be blow away by the gorgeous art, and happy to know DC, Marvel and Charlton weren't the only ones in on the romance game! Also, if you haven't already -- be sure to choose which "Too" story you would like to see this coming week here on Sequential Crush. You have until this evening at 9pm (Central Time) to let me know! So far, it looks like "Too Smart for Romance" is in the lead!


  1. Jesus, not to be discouraging, but there were soooo many British weekly periodicals with romance comic features, not to mention all those "picture library" things, and unfortunately none of this stuff is cheap or easy to find these days (I'd buy it by the truckload, if it were). Wish I could help, but suffice it to say, nothing in my collection sports that panel. :-(

  2. I know, Curt. Sort of a needle in a haystack, huh?! I haven't even begun to start collecting British romance comics, so I am in the dark on this one!

  3. Jacque: If anyone would know who the artist was it would be David Roach, who is an expert on such matters. Pinning down the exact comic, however, is definitely going to be tricky.

    About David:

  4. Thanks, KB for that link. I actually wasn't aware of that Warren book, which I could see being very helpful as a reference!