Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Because You Demanded It! Doormat for Love!

Hi friends! Friday's post of my favorite Nick Cardy covers was a big hit! A few of you actually inquired about the interior story depicted on the cover of Girls' Love Stories #148 (January 1970) and I couldn't resist sharing! The cover is indeed Cardy, but the actual story was penciled by Win Mortimer and appears to have been inked by Mortimer as well -- although, there do seem to be a few inconsistent and uncharacteristic panels. Anyhow!

Brace yourselves for "Doormat for Love!"

Gorgeous Nick Cardy cover!
Though as you will see, a tad misleading!

"Doormat for Love!" is not a complicated story, but it is a good one. The splash page introduces us to fellow students, Trina and Hal. After a slightly awkward introduction, Hal asks Trina if she would care to grab a Coke. New to the dating game, Trina enthusiastically says yes.

Their date proves to be a bit of a disaster. After Hal asks Trina to go steady, she nervously spills her drink on Hal's shoe. To make matters worse, Trina gets down on the ground and cleans off his shoe with her hanky. The rest of the kids start laughing. Embarrassed, Hal grabs Trina to scram.

Once away from the scene, Hal pulls Trina in for a romantic kiss. The two continue to date for a few weeks, but Trina becomes increasingly accommodating and borders on obsessive in her quest to please Hal.

From knitting to baking to running out in the rain to grab refreshments for Hal, Trina puts his interests miles before her own. The last straw for Hal is when Trina agrees to see a Western film despite not being a fan of the genre. After the movie, Hal dumps Trina.

Trina is devastated. Assuming Joan (Trina's best friend) will back her up, Trina is surprised when Joan tells her she has been foolish for pampering Hal. Fuming, Trina decides to get back at Hal.

The next day at school, Trina acts aloof as she drops her books and walks through the doorway where they met -- announcing clearly, "Ladies first, sir!" Trina continues to act unaffected by Hal's presence for the remainder of the school day.

After school, Hal drops by Trina's house. He makes a quip about her having a cake set for him like she did last time. Trina fires back that she wouldn't bake him a cookie, much less a crumb. Her new attitude of independence pleases Hal. Obviously!

Though brunette Nan from the cover scene never makes an appearance, "Doormat for Love!" is a cute story with an admirable ending! Ahhhh! Romance comics!


  1. Awesome story! Thanks for sharing, naturally!


  2. The execution is a tad ... quaint, but that is an admirable outcome. And I swear, Trina during her clingy, eager-to-please phase seems like the template for the Deb Whitman character that appeared in Spider-man in the late '70s/early '80s.

  3. Another one to go on my want list. Thanks for posting it!

  4. Thanks all for reading! It is a good issue, one I highly recommend picking up if you ever have the chance!

  5. I believe Nick Cardy inked Win's pencils here. It sure looks like his brushwork!

  6. I love the ones with a message-- thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing it!

  7. Yeah, that's Mortimer pencils and Cardy inks for sure. Great chemistry, but then Cardy inks looked great over Bob Brown, Mike Sekowsky, George Tuska...pretty much every combo was a revelation.

  8. Definitely Cardy inks. The fine hatching and characteristic female eyebrows/lashes are dead giveaways. Trina's hair, however, has all the hallmarks of being added later -- this could be a reprint with embellishments to update it.

  9. The inking is quite similar to this Cardy illustrated story: