Love Story Graffiti

It is not unusual to occasionally find a comic book that has in some way been drawn on, cut up, or had a character altered by a reader sometime long ago. This is especially true when it comes to romance comics. Sometimes I will buy a book and not have time to look inside and when I finally do, I realize that a character's face has been scribbled on. For some reason, girls also liked to write their names on the covers. For lack of a better description, lets call this phenomenon "love story graffiti."

Last night while working on my presentation for San Diego (which involves a lot of scanning), I came across this spectacular example of "love story graffiti" which I just have to share. In this particular case the pages of the book itself were not altered, but there was an addition made to the book! In between the pages of My Love #3 (January 1969) were these scathing words...

Note found in romance comic book

Let me transcribe the first side for you:

Well you don't seem to take it out on Ann very much, it's always me but, like this afternoon Ann said to me 'Go get Susie and her math paper'
So it not always me and Ann for Sally get's it from Ann and I and sometimes you, but maybe you don't notice. How mad are you?
I noticed that you crossed out "I'm not really mad at you deep down." And how long will you stay mad at me if you are.
Write back"
"I know It isn't you all the time it is Ann."
"Dear Deannea,
I believe you because during the Science Test I saw you doing some on your own. Ann probab-
ly told you to put down the..."
Note found in romance comic book

Now for the flip side my friends...

"answers on your paper I had. Today in math you worked some on your own but all Ann did was copy. I forgive you
"I do too
Mik (crossed out)
"Ann don't do anything by herself.
I'm doing Math now!"

Wow folks! Ok, I don't know about you, but I am completely confused! Basically what I think is going on here is that Ann is a copycat and Susie doesn't want Mickey to be mad at her.

This letter is in my eyes, a gem. Who knows when it is from?! I like to pretend that when they weren't busy in math class or taking science tests these young ladies read Marvel romance comics and this letter just happened to be thrown between the pages just as the dismissal bell rang.


Just as I was about to call this post quits and press the publish button, I opened up the issue one more time and this came tumbling out...

Note found in romance comic book

This is obviously the note that started it all. Shame on you Ann
for leaving your folder at home! If only you had known that you were starting!