Link-o-saurus Rex!

Good evening! As I have been catching up on my blog reading from the past few days, I have come across a couple fun discussions on romance comics that you should be aware of!

Over at CBR's Scott's Classic Comics Corner, the column's namesake has put together a really nice post on ACG's recycled romance covers. I haven't had a chance to cover ACG's 1960s romance here yet, but I sure am feeling inspired to buy some after reading Scott's piece!

Check out this clever post featuring early '60s Marvel romance panels set to The J. Geils Band's Love Stinks at the ever entertaining blog, Bully Says: Comics Oughta Be Fun! I wish I could be half as funny!

Be sure to vote on the new poll here at Sequential Crush. There are only 15 days left to let it be known which decade is your favorite era for romance comics!